The Shell Seekers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rosamunde Pilcher
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Prologue and Chapter 1: Nancy

• Penelope Keeling returns home from a hospital stay and calls her daughter, Olivia, to let her know she is home.

• Penelope's other daughter, Nancy, is an unhappy housewife married to a man named George.

• Nancy and George live above their means because keeping up appearances is the priority in their lives.

• Nancy has spoiled, disagreeable children and her husband essentially ignores her.

• Nancy makes a lot of noise about taking care of Penelope but does nothing of any substance to help her mother.
• Nancy spends a lot of time thinking about the past where she was loved by her father, Ambrose, and her grandmother, Dolly Keeling.

• Nancy calls a meeting with Olivia to discuss their mother, and on the way to meet her, views a newspaper article about the recent auction of a painting by Lawrence Stern, her maternal grandfather.

Chapter 2: Olivia and Chapter 3: Cosmo

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