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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is outraged at Perrin's plan?

2. About what does Faile confront Perrin?

3. Why does Perrin ask Faile to go to Caemlyn to convince Morgase to send forces to help repulse the trollocs?

4. Who is Bayle Domon?

5. With whom does Nynaeve duel when she enters the exhibition hall to remove the collar?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Gaul's relationship to Bain and Chiad changing?

2. Discuss how the situation with the escaped sul'dam and the fact that she can channel could help bring down the Seanchan social structure.

3. How does Nynaeve respond to learning of Egeanin's identity and why does Nynaeve's response offend Egeanin.

4. Who is the source of the trolloc infestation and why?

5. How do Faile and Perrin reconcile?

6. Why does Perrin have an instant dislike for Lord Luc?

7. How are the Two Rivers women and Faile held up as an example to the Whitecloaks?

8. What does Verin say about the effect of Perrin being ta'veren and what is his response?

9. How do Perrin's special abilities lessen the impact of the ambush of Perrin and his men?

10. Who is Bayle Domon and why does he owe Nynaeve a favor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The concept of honor is important to many of the cultures and characters in Jordan's Wheel of Time series. One people, the Aiel, have a very complicated system based on honor, the violation of which entails "toh." Discuss the following:

Describe the Aiel system of honor and the concept of toh.

Besides the Aiel, who else in Shadow Rising values his/her honor? Why? Give examples.

Why do you think honor is such an important concept in THE SHADOW RISING? The Whitecloaks often violate their honor when they should value it greatly. How do they violate the concept of honor? Give examples and discuss fully.

Essay Topic 2

Mat and Rand ask the Wise Ones permission to enter Rhuidean. Discuss the following:

What is Rhuidean and why do you think potential Wise Ones and Clan Chiefs must go there before assuming their duties as Wise Ones and Clan Chiefs?

Why do the Wise Ones give Rand and Mat permission to enter Rhuidean? What does this break from tradition perhaps foreshadow?

Describe and analyze Mat's experience in Rhuidean. How much impact do you think his experience in Rhuidean will have on Mat in the future?

Essay Topic 3

The Seanchan are a people from across the seas who have returned as prophesized for the Last Battle. Rather than honoring women who can channel, they enslave them and consider them animals. Discuss the following:

Discuss and analyze the Seanchan attitude about men and women who can channel. What happens to men who can channel? Women who can channel?

Do you think it is just for the Seanchan to enslave women who can channel?

What is hypocritical about what the Seanchan do with women who can channel?

Why are the Seanchan bent on conquering this continent?

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