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Short Answer Questions

1. What vision does Rand have?

2. While Rand is talking to Selene, who sneaks in?

3. As figures begin trying to push Mat out the door, what does he ask?

4. What does Faile tell Berelain?

5. Why does the Captain of the Wavedancer agree to take Nynaeve and Elayne to Tanchico?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Rand when women channel and how might that foreshadow events in the future?

2. What are the prophesies about the Aiel that Rhuarc shares with Rand and how does Rand fulfill them?

3. What do Mat and Rand think is a reason that trollocs and Myrddraal are fighting each other?

4. What does Moiraine think should be Rand's next step after taking over the Stone of Tear and what is Rand's response?

5. What does Rand learn about the history of the Aiel in Rhuidean?

6. What symbols that seem to be "attached" to Mat and Perrin seem to suggest their relationship to Rand's purpose?

7. How does Rand feel about the people of Cairhien and what is Moiraine's response to that?

8. What does Elayne learn about the Windfinders and how do they instruct Elayne?

9. How do Thom and Moiraine both try to outmaneuver each other?

10. How does the rift between Faile and Perrin mirror the one with Gaul to Bain and Chiad?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Though it is not a part of THE SHADOW RISING, the readers are given enough information to learn that Rand A'Thor was, up until a short time ago, a shepherd in a small village in Two Rivers. Discuss the following:

How do you think Rand has changed from who he was before Moiraine comes to his village to the Rand he is in Shadow Rising?

Why do you think Jordan chooses a young, unknown man to be the hero of the series?

How would the book have been different if Rand had been a prince?

How would the book have been different if the Dragon Reborn had been a female?

Essay Topic 2

A new group of people is introduced in THE SHADOW RISING. They are the Atha'an Miere. Discuss one of the following:

Who are the Atha'an Miere? Compare and contrast their life to another group such as the Whitecloaks or Aes Sedei.

Discuss and analyze the way the Atha'an Miere use "politics" in their community. How does their effectiveness at negotiation affect Nynaeve and Elayne?

The Atha'an Miere is a Matriarchal society. Discuss and analyze how they differ as a Matriarchal society with one which is patriarchal such as the Whitecloaks.

Essay Topic 3

Traveling in the Wheel of Time series evolves, a phenomenon that also helps the book's pacing. First, Rand and the others travel by foot and horse; then the "Ways" are introduced, which significantly cuts down on the time it takes to get from one point to another. In THE SHADOW RISING, Rand uses a portal stone for travel across vast distances; however, one must first walk to a portal stone, so the travel cannot be said to be instantaneous. Finally, in a later book, a technique called "Traveling" is introduced where a doorway is magically "sliced" into the air and one can instantly be where s/he wants to go. Discuss the following:

What is the advantage of having the characters travel by horse and foot across long distances requiring significant amounts of time? What are the disadvantages?

How is the plot affected when the ability to travel from point A to point B is drastically reduced? Give examples from the book.

How would one or two scenes in THE SHADOW RISING be affected if Rand or any other channeling individual could instantly move from one place to another? Why do you think Jordan does not introduce that means of travel until a future book?

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