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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Lord Luc been doing?
(a) Encouraging the people to fight back against both the trollocs and the Whitecloaks.
(b) Killing the Whitecloaks surreptitiously.
(c) Flirting with Faile.
(d) Looking for Darkfriends.

2. What does Lian accept?
(a) The need for a full clan gathering.
(b) The neccessity of war against the Shaido.
(c) Rand's engagement to Aviendha.
(d) Rand as the Car'a'carn.

3. What does Perrin think about the initial attack by the trollocs?
(a) It is meant to divert their attention from down river.
(b) It is a test of their defenses.
(c) He is unsure about why they did not attack too strongly.
(d) It was the best of which the trollocs are capable.

4. What does Perrin plan to do to save Two Rivers?
(a) Turn himself in to the Whitecloaks.
(b) Let the Whitecloaks see him and then set off running for them to follow.
(c) Poison the Whitecloaks.
(d) Kill the leader of the Whitecloaks.

5. Who learns she can find the object dangerous to Rand if she concentrates on what she needs and attempts to jump to that location?
(a) Elayne.
(b) Nynaeve.
(c) Egewene.
(d) Min.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Perrin learn has happened to his family?

2. Who does Dain think is responsible for the trollocs' attacks on his regiment?

3. What is Egeanin's mission?

4. Where does Mistress Al'Vere take Perrin's group?

5. Where is Doman told to put the collar?

Short Essay Questions

1. What secrets are Faile and Perrin still keeping from each other?

2. How is Rand adjusting to his new status as the Aiel Car'a'carn?

3. Why does Perrin have an instant dislike for Lord Luc?

4. What does Verin say about the effect of Perrin being ta'veren and what is his response?

5. How do the Wise Ones discipline Egwene and why does this confuse Rand and Mat?

6. What is Padan Fain's connection to Mat, Perrin and Rand?

7. What are several things that Nynaeve learns as she explores Tel'Aran'Rhiod looking for the object that is dangerous to Rand?

8. Who is the source of the trolloc infestation and why?

9. Explain a little about the ancient country of Manetheren.

10. Discuss how the situation with the escaped sul'dam and the fact that she can channel could help bring down the Seanchan social structure.

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