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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Perrin have his camp?
(a) At the Aybara farm.
(b) In the mountains west of Emond's Field.
(c) In the Woods south of town.
(d) Near the Manethren gate.

2. What does Rand find when he awakens in the middle of the night?
(a) Trollocs are holding Aviendha hostage.
(b) Aviendha is dead.
(c) Trollocs are holding Egwene hostage.
(d) A servant is being attacked by a draghkar.

3. Where is Doman told to put the collar?
(a) In the deepest part of the ocean.
(b) Someplace other than Tanchico.
(c) In a volcanic crevice.
(d) Hidden in a secret compartment on his ship.

4. Where has Couladin gone?
(a) To find the Followers of the Leaf.
(b) To try to get to Alcair Dal before Rand.
(c) To attack Tear.
(d) To find and kill Lanfear.

5. What is Bornheld's intention for Perrin?
(a) To give him joint command of all the fighting forces.
(b) To hand him over to Ordeith.
(c) To ask him to join the Whitecloaks.
(d) To Amadicia for trial.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Rand notice is traveling with the peddlers?

2. What happens to the Tuatha'an?

3. Who warns Nynaeve when Nynaeve journeys to Tel'Aran'Rhiod?

4. What has Egeanin done to the sul'dam she is holding prisoner?

5. Who is outraged at Perrin's plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Wise Ones discipline Egwene and why does this confuse Rand and Mat?

2. What does Perrin suspect about Lord Luc's defiance of the Whitecloaks?

3. Who is the source of the trolloc infestation and why?

4. What makes it easier for Leane and Siuan to disguise themselves when they escape the White Tower?

5. What does the discrepancy in orders about Rand indicate?

6. How do Perrin's special abilities lessen the impact of the ambush of Perrin and his men?

7. What does Verin say about the effect of Perrin being ta'veren and what is his response?

8. What does Rand think about the peddler caravan?

9. How is Gaul's relationship to Bain and Chiad changing?

10. Discuss the duel between Nynaeve and Moghedien.

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