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The Stone of Tear

A fortress in the city of Tear believed to be impregnable but which fell to an Aiel.

The One Power

This is a force composed of Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Spirit, which those who can channel it use to manipulate the world.


The male half of the One Power.


The female half of the One Power.

The White Tower

This is a massive fortress built with the One Power during the Age of Legends in Tar Valon.

Angreal, sa'angreal, ter'angreal

These are objects used to manipulate the One Power.


This is a sword-shaped, sa'angreals usable by men who can channel from the Age of Legends.


A ter'angreal that allows one women who can channel to control another who can channel.


The most powerful city-state on the southern coast, it is a muggy city of fishermen and traders.


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