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Essay Topic 1

Dain Bornheld of the Whitecloaks believes he is in the Two Rivers to drive Perrin into the open, but it is Padan Fain who has manipulated Pedron Niall into the act, hoping to lure Rand back to his home by stirring up trouble in the Two Rivers. Discuss the following:

Who are the Whitecloaks and how do they impact the action/characters/plot in THE SHADOW RISING?

What is the irony of a leader of the Whitecloaks being manipulated by Padan Fain?

How are the actions of the Whitecloaks similar to some actions by fanatics in "real life"?

Essay Topic 2

The word "ta'veren" is used frequently in THE SHADOW RISING and in all the other books in Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Discuss the following:

Explain the concept of ta'veren and give examples of it to illustrate your explanation.

Do you think Jordan uses instances of...

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