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Carlos Ruiz Zafón
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel's father bring him in the hospital?
(a) Coffee.
(b) A letter from Bea.
(c) His Victor Hugo pen.
(d) The Shadow of the Wind.

2. How does Fermín say he feels after being treated by the doctor?
(a) Like an angel.
(b) Like a dispirited mouse.
(c) 10 years older.
(d) 20 years younger.

3. Where does Daniel go in City of Shadows Chapter 41
(a) Bea's.
(b) Julián's.
(c) Father Fernando's.
(d) Fermín's.

4. According to Fermín's story, how did he meet Fumero?
(a) Fermín arrested Fumero.
(b) They were boyhood friends.
(c) Fermín was a spy.
(d) They are related.

5. What does Daniel hear outside of the apartment he's visiting?
(a) A soap opera.
(b) Church music.
(c) A religious game show.
(d) Silence.

6. Who does Nuria say should be let go?
(a) Penélope.
(b) Bea.
(c) Julián.
(d) Clara.

7. Who kills Fumero?
(a) Palacios.
(b) Bea.
(c) Daniel.
(d) Julián.

8. How long does it take Daniel to wake up?
(a) Never.
(b) A week.
(c) Eight days.
(d) 1 day.

9. Who does Ricardo Aldaya make promise him that he will "find Julián Carax and ... kill him"?
(a) Fermín.
(b) Fumero.
(c) Miquel Moliner.
(d) Jorge Aldaya.

10. Who scares Daniel out of his and Bea's meeting place?
(a) Fumero.
(b) Laín Coubert.
(c) Tomás.
(d) Fermín.

11. What did Nuria give her father to give to Daniel?
(a) A pen.
(b) A letter.
(c) A book.
(d) A picture.

12. What do Bea and Daniel do at the beginning of "The Waters of March"?
(a) Break up.
(b) Have a baby.
(c) Leave Barcelona.
(d) Get married.

13. Who says, "Making money isn't hard in itself...What's hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one's life to"?
(a) Daniel.
(b) Julián.
(c) Miquel.
(d) Nuria.

14. Of what does the descent into the cellar remind Daniel?
(a) His mother's funeral.
(b) Burning leaves.
(c) Fermín's fight.
(d) His last meeting with Bea.

15. Who saves Daniel from being hit by a bus?
(a) Tomás.
(b) Fumero.
(c) Palacios.
(d) Fermín.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Fermín and Daniel go in "The Waters of March"?

2. What did the police find on the body?

3. Who does Nuria marry?

4. Where does Daniel go after dinner in City of Shadows Chapter 35

5. From whom does Julián discover Daniel has a copy of The Shadow of the Wind?

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