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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kristina think about the money?
(a) Karl should give it back to Robert.
(b) It should be burned.
(c) How much it could help the family.
(d) They can use it to return to Sweden.

2. What does Robert decide to do when two mules have escaped?
(a) Send Arvid after them.
(b) Go after them.
(c) Go back to sleep.
(d) Tell Mario.

3. What does Robert say to Karl after their fight?
(a) He has no where to go.
(b) He thinks Karl is greedy.
(c) He can't stay there.
(d) He's sorry to upset Kristina.

4. How did Robert get out of the desert?
(a) Some Apaches found him.
(b) He just walked until he found the camp.
(c) Mario found him.
(d) Another mule train came along.

5. What are Robert and Arvid told about the road to California when they arrive in St. Louis?
(a) It has been blocked off by a landslide.
(b) It is too close to winter to go.
(c) It is a very dangerous road due to bandits.
(d) It is a fairly easy trip.

6. What does Robert's face look like?
(a) It has really bad burn scars on it.
(b) Clean shaven and handsome.
(c) Sunken and scabby.
(d) The same as when he left.

7. What does Robert think while he is soaking his feet?
(a) Kristina hates him.
(b) He was ripped off in Grand City.
(c) He wishes he'd never left Sweden.
(d) He is back in Sweden.

8. What does Kristina think about Robert's condition?
(a) She has not given it a thought.
(b) There is something seriously wrong with Robert.
(c) He looks very strong and fit.
(d) He is in fair shape.

9. What does Robert do with his money in Grand City?
(a) Buys real estate.
(b) Blows it gambling.
(c) Invests it in a business.
(d) Buys a feed store.

10. What did the building in Grand City used to be?
(a) A hotel and a bank.
(b) A potato cellar and a jail.
(c) A wagoneer owned it.
(d) A vegetable market.

11. Why does Robert look different than when he left home?
(a) He has aged drastically.
(b) He is shorter.
(c) He is bald.
(d) He is missing a leg.

12. What does Karl say he will do with the money the next week?
(a) Take it to the sheriff to see if it is stolen.
(b) Take it to the general store.
(c) Take it to a bank in Stillwater.
(d) Give it back to Robert.

13. What does Mario give Robert?
(a) A signet ring.
(b) His watch.
(c) All of his mules.
(d) All of his possessions.

14. Why does Kristina ask Robert if his ear is bothering him?
(a) She does not ask him that, it would invaade his privacy.
(b) She can smell it when he gets near.
(c) She saw blood on his pillow.
(d) She thinks he is almost deaf.

15. What does Robert tell Karl about his fortunes?
(a) He wish he was dead.
(b) He has some money, but not much.
(c) He is poor.
(d) He is now wealthy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Robert do after Arvid dies?

2. Why does Robert leave the house?

3. Why does Robert leave Grand City?

4. Where do Mario and Robert go from the desert?

5. What does Kristina discover under Robert's pillow?

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