The Settlers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who does Karl meet in the forest and what does he do after he meets the man?

Karl finds a man named Petrus Olausson nearby, working at cutting timber for his house. Karl invites Petrus home with him to meet his wife, Kristina.

2. What happens in front of the house when Karl arrives home with his new friend, and what is Karl's explanation about the incident?

When Karl arrives at the house with Petrus, three of Karl's young children come running to meet him. Petrus seems embarrassed by the fact that one of them, the youngest son named Dan, has on no pants. The older boy, Johan, says that Dan tore a hole in his pants and that Kristina is mending them. Karl explains that it's been difficult keeping clothes on the youngsters who grow so quickly, and she picks up Dan to cover the boy's nakedness. Karl says that he's planted flax so that Kristina will have material to make new clothes in the coming winter.

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