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Stillwater - This is the name of the town where Ulrika and her husband live.

Stillwater Baptist Church - This is where Ulrika's husband, Pastor Jackson, is the minister.

Lake Ki-Chi-Saga - This is the Indian name for the lake where Karl and Kristina live.

Chisaga County - This is the name given by the white settlers to the area where Karl and Kristina live.

Dubemala - This is the name Karl and Kristina give their home in America, named for her parents home in Sweden.

St. Paul - This is where the minister Erland Torner was before arriving at Karl and Kristina's cabin.

Indiana State Bank - This is the bank that issued the currency that Robert has when he returns to Minnesota.

Asarum Parish - This is where Fredrik Mattsson is from.

Grand City - This is the city where Fredrik Mattsson owns a...

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