The Settlers Character Descriptions

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Karl Oskar Nilsson - He and his family are settlers in America, in the Minnesota territory.

Robert Nilsson - He is Karl's brother.

Kristina Nilsson - She is Karl's wife.

Ulrika Jackson - Kristina's best friend.

Arvid - Robert's best friend, he is convinced to go with Robert to the gold fields of California.

Petrus Olausson - This is the man who arrives in the neighborhood with the intention of building a house so that his wife and children can join him.

Erland Torner - This is the young Swedish minister who arrives at Karl and Kristina's house in the middle of a heavy rain.

Klas Albert Persson - This is the man who arrives in the area to open a general store in the newly-formed town of Center City.

Johan Nilsson - The oldest son of Karl and Kristina, he accompanies his father on a...

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