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Chapters 1 through 5

• Karl Oskar Nilson is working in the forest when he hears an axe. This is strange to him because there are few people in the area.

• Karl finds a man named Petrus Olausson cutting timber for his house and Karl invites him home to meet his wife.

• Karl lives on the shores of Lake Chisaga and three of his children run to meet him as he comes home with Petrus.

• The youngest son embarrasses Petrus because he has no pants. His pants are being sewn.

• Karl explains to Petrus that it is difficult keeping the children in clothing as they grow so quickly.

• Kristina, Karl's wife, is happy to have neighbors and is cooking fish stew as she was not expecting guests.

• Petrus immediately begins to give advice to Karl and Karl knows that all the advice is not good.

• Kristina begins to cook pancakes, and...

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