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Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator says in Chapter 2, "Like most people, I have superstitions attached to" what (202)?

2. What poet is the author alluding to in Chapter 2 when he refers to "the road less travelled" (246)?

3. What does the narrator describe sending a photocopy of to Mrs. Coyle, Innes and Black in Chapter 2?

4. What two locations are linked by the Wobbly Bridge?

5. Of the letter, the narrator says in Chapter 2, "And no, it wasn't shame I now felt, or guilt, but something rarer in my life and stronger than both" (187). What does the narrator describe feeling?

Short Essay Questions

1. What memory comes back to the protagonist as he takes the train to meet Veronica at the brasserie for their second meeting in Chapter 2?

2. What is revealed in the letter from Sarah Ford to the protagonist in the first document he receives?

3. How does the protagonist perceive his past with Veronica when he first receives the letter regarding Mrs. Ford's inheritance?

4. Why does Margaret eventually tell the protagonist that he is on his own in Chapter 2?

5. What are the two types of women that the protagonist recalls Margaret discussing with him in Chapter 2? Which characters fall into these categories?

6. What is the ultimate truth that the protagonist discovers regarding the mentally disabled man in Chapter 2?

7. What commentary does the narrator provide regarding the building of character in Chapter 2?

8. What does the protagonist conclude about his journey and life in the conclusion of the novel?

9. How does the protagonist describe his relationship with Susie in Chapter 2?

10. What advice does Margaret give to the protagonist when she first meets him for lunch to discuss his situation in Chapter 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the revelations that the narrator discovers at the end of Chapter 2. What does the narrator discern to be the real reason behind Adrian's suicide? How does this revelation explain Veronica's behavior? What does the revelation signify to the protagonist?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the character of Margaret in The Sense of an Ending. When and where did the narrator meet Margaret? How does he characterize their marriage? What led to their divorce?

Essay Topic 3

Why is the protagonist unable to obtain the second document that was left to him by Mrs. Ford in her will? How does he attempt to obtain this document? What information do you think is/was revealed in this document? Why?

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