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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Susan's husband?
(a) James.
(b) Ken.
(c) William.
(d) Andrew.

2. What color eyes does the narrator describe Veronica having in Chapter 1?
(a) Hazel.
(b) Deep brown.
(c) Green.
(d) Blue-grey.

3. In what field did Alex tell Veronica his father was in business in Chapter 1?
(a) Ship-building.
(b) Marine insurance.
(c) Gold trading.
(d) Accounting.

4. What are Veronica's two middle names?
(a) Mary Elizabeth.
(b) Mary Anderson.
(c) Anne Elizabeth.
(d) Sarah Michelle.

5. What monarch's reign did Old Joe Hunt ask his students about on the third day of class, according to the narrator in Chapter 1?
(a) Elizabeth I.
(b) Charles II.
(c) Henry VIII.
(d) Margaret I.

6. What set Adrian Finn apart from the other boys, according to the narrator in Chapter 1?
(a) He was mentally disabled.
(b) He came from a two-parent home.
(c) He was physically disabled.
(d) He was new to the school.

7. Who among his group of friends does the narrator say everyone wrote the most to during college and wanted his approval?
(a) Himself.
(b) Alex.
(c) Colin.
(d) Adrian.

8. How did Alex say Adrian appeared the last time he saw him when he met with the narrator to discuss Adrian's suicide?
(a) Cheerful.
(b) Depressed.
(c) Gregarious.
(d) Sullen.

9. Why did Adrian write to the narrator during his senior year of college?
(a) To tell him he was committing suicide.
(b) To ask him to come on vacation wih him.
(c) To tell him he was quitting school.
(d) To ask for permission to date Veronica.

10. What did the notice say that Adrian pinned to the bathroom door before committing suicide (96-97)?
(a) "Call for help."
(b) "Goodbye."
(c) "Call my parents and tell them I am sorry."
(d) "Do not enter - Call police - Adrian."

11. The narrator notes in Chapter 1, "I'd read somewhere that if you want to make people pay attention to what you're saying, you" do what (64)?
(a) Raise your voice.
(b) Remain silent.
(c) Gaze about the room.
(d) Lower your voice.

12. The narrator states in Chapter 1, "Adrian might attract people, but he never behaved as if he wanted" what?
(a) "Attention."
(b) "Critics."
(c) "Disciples."
(d) "Adoration."

13. Phil Dixon related to his class that T. S. Eliot claimed it is all about what, according to the narrator in Chapter 1?
(a) What one leaves as a legacy.
(b) The decision to commit suicide or not.
(c) Birth, copulation, and death.
(d) Life and death.

14. What word from Chapter 1 refers to the action of clearing blame of someone?
(a) Anticipation.
(b) Vindication.
(c) Articulation.
(d) Retribution.

15. How long after the narrator's marriage to Margaret did they have their first child?
(a) Four years later.
(b) One year later.
(c) Three years later.
(d) Two years later.

Short Answer Questions

1. Phil Dixon once compared a Shakespearean to what actor?

2. In discussing modern dating, the narrator says in Chapter 1, "This made me feel like a survivor from some antique, bypassed culture whose members were still using" what "as a form of monetary exchange" (45)?

3. During what decade did the narrator attend college?

4. What is the name of the narrator's firstborn child?

5. How did Adrian commit suicide?

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