The Sense of an Ending Character Descriptions

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Tony Webster

This character is the protagonist and narrator of The Sense of an Ending. He is a peaceable character and is at times labeled cowardly due to his aversion to conflict. Throughout the narrative, he interjects his observations and thoughts on the concepts of time, memory, and history.

Adrian Finn

This character is first introduced as the new kid at the protagonist's school. A clearly brilliant and philosophical young man, he quickly befriends the protagonist and his clique. Later, he receives a scholarship to Cambridge, but ultimately does not graduate because he commits suicide.

Veronica Ford

This character is the protagonist's first girlfriend whom he meets while in college. Their love affair lasts approximately one year before she goes on to date one of his best friends.

Mrs. Sarah Ford

This character is the mother of the protagonist's college girlfriend. He meets her during one weekend visit in...

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