Objects & Places from The Sellout

Paul Beatty
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Conditioning Experiments

These actions, enacted by the narrator's father, were based on his social and psychological theories.

Spray Painted Lines

These symbols in The Sellout represent the re-establishment of Dickens as a municipality and mark the borders of the city.


This symbol in the novel represents the one incident of direct racism that the narrator encountered in his life.

Re-imagined Classics

These symbols, produced by Foy Cheshire, represent political correctness and the author's attempts to whitewash racism.

Bus Signs

These symbols in the novel represent the re-introduction of segregation in Dickens. They are initially erected in honor of Hominy's birthday but remain up because they have motivated the residents to better behavior.


These Japanese fruits grown by the narrator represent his unfinished work in restoring Dickens and the unfinished debate on race, racism, and Civil Rights.

Little Rascals Films

These symbolic items are rumored to be...

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