The Sellout Character Descriptions

Paul Beatty
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The Narrator

This unnamed protagonist of the novel is revealed to have the last name "Me." He lives and works as a farmer in the former city of Dickens, California--now considered a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. He is charged before the U.S. Supreme Court with owning a slave and re-introducing segregation to his community.

F. K. Me

This character is the protagonist's father. Although he died when the protagonist was still in college, the protagonist describes many actions of his father through flashback. This character was a social scientist and the adjunct dean at a local college.

Hominy Jenkins

This character is an elderly African American man who is the last living member of the Little Rascals. He opted to become the protagonist's slave, despite the protagonist's resistance at the concept.

Foy Cheshire

This character is the leader among the Dum Dum Donut Intellectuals and...

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