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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Dawkins' idea of AI expand the idea of PI to include?

2. What does the study of egg clutch sizes that Dawkins cites show?

3. What does Trivers look at breeding as?

4. What does Dawkins mean by a "selfish gene?"

5. What reason does Dawkins give that animal populations are about 50-50 male and female?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dawkins substitute for survival of a species?

2. According to Dawkins, in what ways does weaning benefit an older child?

3. What factors does Dawkins mention that weigh into caring for older versus younger offspring?

4. How does Dawkins describe female cells versus male cells?

5. What is the result of Dawkins' game theory analysis of male and female sexual and childrearing behaviors?

6. What examples does Dawkins give of male animals resisting raising offspring that's not their own?

7. Why, from the standpoint of the selfish gene, is it more beneficial to save five siblings than five cousins?

8. Explain the conflict between Wynne-Edwards and Dawkins over territory behavior.

9. How do Trivers and Dawkins differ in their interpretation of males investing energy into offspring before mating?

10. What possible explanation for viruses does Dawkins give?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the concept of relatedness in Dawkins' book.

1) What is the relationship between relatedness and altruism? What is its relationship to selfishness?

2) How does Dawkins calculate relatedness mathematically? What does this math represent?

3) How does Dawkins' treatment of relatedness differ from most people's cultural ideas of being related? What is the relationship between relatedness and genes?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss hive behavior in Dawkins' book.

1) How does Dawkins' idea of the selfish gene explain the behavior of hives and of sterile individuals in a species?

2) Why does Dawkins discuss hive behavior and the behavior of insects? Why does he only devote a part of a chapter to this discussion?

3) How much variation is there in insect behavior? How much variation is there between insect behavior and other types of animal organisms? How does this variation affect Dawkins' ideas?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Darwin's treatment of siblings in The Selfish Gene.

1) In what ways are siblings in competition? Why doesn't competition between siblings typically escalate to deadly competition?

2) In what ways do siblings cooperate or benefit each other?

3) How do the relationships between siblings vary between species in the natural world, and how does this relate to Dawkins' overall theory.

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