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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dawkins say that Honeyguide chicks do?
(a) Kill other chicks in the nest.
(b) Scream less loud to not attract too much attention to themselves as intruders.
(c) Steal food from other chicks in the nest.
(d) Blackmail parents into getting more food by screaming loud enough to attract predators.

2. In the ant colonies studied by Trivers and Hare, what do the ants do with eggs stolen from other colonies?
(a) Use the ants as slaves.
(b) Destroy the eggs.
(c) Eat the eggs.
(d) Use the ants as mates.

3. What does Dawkins speculate might be a reason a female animal could be tricked into raising a child that is not her own?
(a) The animal might gain practice for future offspring.
(b) The animal might misinterpret how related it is to the child.
(c) The animal might identify specific genes it has in common with the child.
(d) The animal might make alliances for self-protection.

4. What does Trivers look at breeding as?
(a) A careful calculation based on resources.
(b) A goal of existence.
(c) A race with time.
(d) A war between the sexes.

5. In Dawkins' example, why might a child try to get extra food, to the detriment of brothers and sisters?
(a) The child has no concern for its siblings' survival.
(b) The child has special needs that it must communicate to its parents.
(c) The child is hungrier than its siblings.
(d) The child is more related to itself than its siblings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Dawkins give that females care more for offspring?

2. What is a recessive gene?

3. What does Dawkins believe about the tension between survival of different generations?

4. What did Spanish researchers see a baby swallow do?

5. What chance does a parent have of giving a particular gene to a child?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dawkins cite that makes human beings exceptions to the idea that genes for having too large a number of children die out?

2. Does Dawkins put forth any ideas by Wynne-Edwards that he agrees with?

3. What may happen to guillemot eggs, and what is the adaptation of guillemots to deal with this?

4. According to Dawkins, what selfish behavior might birds that have fewer eggs because of overpopulation exhibit?

5. Describe Trivers' observations of striped cleaner fish.

6. Does Dawkins agree or disagree with the theory about parental suffering for children's success, and why?

7. What explanation does Zahavi propose for stotting?

8. What examples does Dawkins give of male animals resisting raising offspring that's not their own?

9. How does Dawkins describe female cells versus male cells?

10. Why does Dawkins say mothers are more altruistic to their children than fathers?

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