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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wynne-Edwards believe about birth rates?
(a) Species might regulate birth rates for individuals.
(b) Birth rates are controlled by a combination of species and individual needs.
(c) Individuals might purposefully reduce birth rates for the good of the species.
(d) Birth rates will always increase unless environmental factors intervene.

2. How does the author suggest that bird calls might help a bird that is trying to fly up into the trees?
(a) The call might frighten away other birds in the tree the bird is flying to.
(b) The call might cause other birds to fly and confuse any predators.
(c) The call might be hard to pinpoint and therefore distract predators.
(d) The call might cause other birds to call and hide the noise of the bird's wings.

3. Does Dawkins believe people want to view parental care as different from other evolutionary behaviors?
(a) Yes, he believes people want to consider parental care a special case.
(b) Yes, but only as it applies to mother-child relationships..
(c) No, Dawkins believes people can clearly see that parental care fits with evolutionary forces.
(d) No, but Dawkins believes that parental care is a special case.

4. What does Dawkins cite Medawar's study to help explain?
(a) Menstrual cycles.
(b) Menopause.
(c) Male and female hormonal differences.
(d) Male fertility.

5. What animals does the author mention as examples of animals that work hard to rescue or save others?
(a) Bears and squids.
(b) Lions and dolphins.
(c) Baboons and whales.
(d) Zebras and sharks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dawkins describe some female birds demanding from males?

2. What does Dawkins give as his example of the individual benefit of pack behavior in hyenas?

3. What does Dawkins speculate might be a reason a female animal could be tricked into raising a child that is not her own?

4. In Dawkins' discussion, why don't baby birds continue to scream louder and louder?

5. To what does Wynne-Edwards attribute changes to female mice as the population rises?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dawkins substitute for survival of a species?

2. What does higher PI mean, in R.L. Trivers' ideas?

3. What is the cuckoo's adaptation to care for its eggs?

4. Explain Dawkins' interpretation of the affects of overpopulation on female mice.

5. Does Dawkins put forth any ideas by Wynne-Edwards that he agrees with?

6. Does Dawkins agree or disagree with the theory about parental suffering for children's success, and why?

7. What factors does Dawkins mention that affect the human birthrate and population?

8. How do Trivers and Dawkins differ in their interpretation of males investing energy into offspring before mating?

9. Explain the conflict between Wynne-Edwards and Dawkins over territory behavior.

10. What is Hamilton's explanation of how herds are formed?

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