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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dawkins call the molecule that he imagines as the first molecule to make copies of itself?
(a) The proto-RNA.
(b) The chicken-and-egg molecule.
(c) The replicator.
(d) The duplicator.

2. What does Dawkins suggest fooling certain genes into thinking the body is younger might do?
(a) Increase lifespan.
(b) Increase reproduction.
(c) Decrease mutation.
(d) Decrease genetic variation.

3. What does Dawkins postulate would preserve a gene forever?
(a) A gene that caused nothing but remained in the DNA.
(b) A being that passed on all its DNA through sexual reproduction.
(c) An undying being continuing to reproduce.
(d) A being that used only one gene.

4. How does Dawkins argue for communication being selfish?
(a) By pointing out lying and misleading communications.
(b) By pointing out that communication is only understaken for specific, selfish ends.
(c) By pointing out that communication always has a main communcator.
(d) By pointing out that the ends of communiation benefit both parties.

5. How does Dawkins define communication?
(a) A gene behavior that helps one group of genes survive by influencing the behavior of another.
(b) A gene behavior that allows cooperation between multiple gene machines.
(c) A learned behavior that is founded in genetic behaviors linking multiple gene machines.
(d) A mutually learned behavior resulting from genetic behaviors that help groups of gene machines maintain cohesiveness.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author say that human beings think of their own species?

2. What does ESS stand for?

3. What does Dawkins say that evolution is about?

4. What would happen to an early molecule that made many more copies of itself than other molecules made of themselves?

5. Which cells in an organism contain the creature's DNA?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dawkins view many-celled life forms?

2. Explain Dawkins' argument for why cannibalism is very rare.

3. What two ways does Dawkins picture that the first self-copying molecule might copy itself?

4. How do genes directly and indirectly control behavior?

5. In ESS simulations, what happens when a hawk enters a stable group of doves?

6. Describe "crossing over."

7. How does Dawkins say that DNA differs from blueprints for making a building?

8. What happens to genes in sexual reproduction?

9. In Dawkins' metaphor about DNA, what is the role of page numbers?

10. How are the beginning and end of genes in DNA marked?

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