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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What apparently selfish act of gulls does the author describe?
(a) Fighting for fish.
(b) "Ditching" the rest of the flock when a predator is spotted.
(c) Stealing another gull's nest.
(d) Eating others' baby chicks.

2. What does Dawkins call the molecule that he imagines as the first molecule to make copies of itself?
(a) The replicator.
(b) The duplicator.
(c) The proto-RNA.
(d) The chicken-and-egg molecule.

3. In the set of bees Dawkins mentions that deal with this disease, what does one gene the bees have do?
(a) Cause the bees to sting sick baby bees.
(b) Cause the bees to overfeed sick baby bees.
(c) Cause the bees to open cells where sick baby bees are.
(d) Cause the bees to withhold honey from sick baby bees.

4. In Dawkins' metaphor about DNA, how does he describe the creation of new DNA by sexual reproduction?
(a) Books from different shelves are mixed together on a new shelf.
(b) Two bookshelves are combined into one.
(c) Pages are torn out of different books and put together.
(d) Two books are combined into one two-volume work.

5. What apparently unselfish behavior of small birds does the author describe?
(a) Drawing the attention of a hawk to itself and away from the flock.
(b) Bringing excess food to others in the flock.
(c) Staying awake to warn the flock of approaching predators.
(d) Protecting another bird's eggs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Watt Governor machine appear to do?

2. How does the author say that human beings think of their own species?

3. What game, played by computers, does Dawkins use as an example of things that can happen automatically based on rules?

4. What would competition between early self-copying molecules be over?

5. According to Dawkins, are mistakes in fidelity good or bad?

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