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Chapter 1

1. What fundamental question does Dawkins want to consider?
(a) Why do genes exist?
(b) Why do molecules exist?
(c) Why do people exist?
(d) Why does DNA exist?

2. How does the author define intelligent life?
(a) As life that creates lasting communications.
(b) As life that tries to define itself.
(c) As life that distinguishes itself from other life.
(d) As life that asks where it came from.

3. How common does Dawkins say doubt about evolution is?
(a) He says it's nonexistent.
(b) He says it's rare.
(c) He says it's in everyone.
(d) He says it's common.

4. What two opposites does Dawkins say he is examining the biology of?
(a) Rationality and emotionalism.
(b) Selfishness and altruism.
(c) Self-centeredness and other-centeredness.
(d) Individuality and community.

5. What does Dawkins say that evolution is about?
(a) The good of an individual person.
(b) The good of a particular DNA combination.
(c) The good of an individual gene.
(d) The good of a species.

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