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DNA Poetry

Write a DNA poem. Make each line start with one of the letters that stand for nucleotides: ATCG.

The First Replicator

Write a short story from the point of view of the first replicator molecule, coming into existence in primordial seas.

The Bookshelves in the Building

Make a poster of Dawkins' building with the bookshelves filled with books that contain the plans for the building. Label parts of the poster with the meanings of the analogy.

A Gene Song

Write a song about a gene and its selfish desire to replicate and all of the problems it faces without knowing what the results of its instructions will be.

Dawkins versus Wynne-Edwards

Make a poster for a ultimate fighting match between Dawkins' ideas on evolution and Wynne-Edwards' ideas. Who is the favorite? Who is the underdog? How will they compete?

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