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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the idea of a "gene machine" in The Selfish Gene.

1) Why does Dawkins make genes the dominant idea and organisms secondary to their genes?

2) What causes a "gene machine" to be successful or unsuccessful?

3) What causes change in "gene machines?" Why are they different from one another?

Essay Topic 2

One of Dawkins' primary premises is that the good of the individual is what organisms strive for, not the good of the species. Discuss the conflict between the individual and the species in The Selfish Gene.

1) Why are individuals representative of their genes?

2) What is Dawkins' central argument for selfishness of individuals within a species? Why does the selfishness of genes translate to the selfishness of individuals?

3) What are the arguments that other scientists pose for individuals acting for the good of the species, and how does Dawkins counter those arguments?

Essay Topic 3

The opposite of...

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