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Chapter 1

• Dawkins outlines his argument that evolution is about the preserving the success and replication of individual genes, not the good of the species.
• Dawkins argues that selfish goals can be achieved by seemingly altruistic methods, and actions may only seem selfish or altruistic.
• Dawkins states that he does not believe that selfishness is good or that environment doesn't have an impact on behavior.

Chapter 2

• According to Dawkins, in early seas, water, carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia combined with lightning to create complex amino acid molecules, and over time a replicator molecule able to duplicate itself developed.
• Replicator molecules duplicated themselves, and copies with mistakes became new varieties that competed with the originals.
• Copies with longer lives, more fecundity, and more fidelity became dominant molecules, using up the available materials and eventually evolving into plants and animals.

Chapter 3

• DNA is made of two chains of nucleotides and forms...

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