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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)


In the Introduction, the book opens with a man who has found a collection of essays in a locked drawer in Kierkegaard's house. This lesson will discuss the narrator's beliefs regarding the author and his diary.


Class Discussion: How does the book begin?

Small Group Activity: What does the narrator think about Kierkegaard? What does he think of Kierkegaard's diary? What can be learned about Kierkegaard through this narrator?

Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses. Why does the narrator believe the diary is a falsehood? Do you believe it is real? Why or why not?

Individual Activity: Research the history of written narration. Why is a narrator frequently used in literature? How often is it from the author's perspective? How often is it from a character's perspective?

Class Discussion: Have the students share their research. How does this narration set the tone of the book...

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