The Seducer's Diary Character Descriptions

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Kierkegaard represents himself as this character, a dashing, young seducer bent on making Cordelia his own.

Cordelia Wahl

This character is the second main character of The Seducer's Diary. She is a young, fourteen-year-old girl.

The Narrator

This is the character who gives the introduction of The Seducer's Diary.


This character is Johannes' friend who is obsessed with Cordelia.

Aunt Jansen

This character is Cordelia's guardian.

Cordelia's Cousins

Cordelia spends a lot of her time with these relatives, although apparently not wholly to her liking.

Johannes' Uncle

This character has an empty home where Johannes and Cordelia have many private moments.

Johannes' Old Loves

Johannes often speaks of these characters.


This character is Johannes' servant, who Johannes uses to send letters to Cordelia.

Various Friends

Throughout the diary, Johannes mentions these people; he sometimes uses them to spread rumors.

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