The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii Short Essay - Answer Key

Pila (writer)
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1. What does Pila write about the state of the world and society in Chapter 1?

Pila begins by stating that people are now overworked, overstimulated, overfed, and overwhelmed. Things that were once done manually are now computerized. It is important for people to relax. The 1950s style vacation no longer suffices. A Gallop poll reveals that three quarters of the world named Hawaii as their dream vacation spot.

2. What has changed about the way the people approach vacationing, according to Pila? How does he describe the typical vacationer's first days?

Pila writes that it used to be that people saved for a year or more for their dream vacation to Hawaii, and after all of the hardships of travel arrived there. The first day is spent relaxing and recovering from jet lag. You relax on the lanai, stroll on the beach, and sun bathe by the pool. The second day is spent strolling through the shopping areas.

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