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Short Answer Questions

1. What name refers to a fictional Utopian lamasery high in the mountains of Tibet featured in the book "Lost Horizon"?

2. What economist makes the observation that aid to a developing country actually impedes that development in Chapter 6: The Music Man?

3. Who espoused the concept that "change" itself was a solution in the 2008 Presidential election, according to David Mamet?

4. When was Vanessa Redgrave born?

5. Who felt that ultimate security would be found in peaceful solutions, according to Mamet in the 2008 Presidential elections?

Short Essay Questions

1. What hypocrisies does Mamet point out in liberal thought in Chapter 11: What is "Diversity?"

2. What does Mamet write about the meaning of the parting of the Red Sea in Chapter 8: The Red Sea?

3. How do liberal youths today relate to the book "Lost Horizon", according to Mamet in Chapter 5: Lost Horizon?

4. What warning did Nevil Shute give to the government in Chapter 14: R100? How was it received?

5. How does Mamet describe the differences between Israel, West Germany and East Germany in Chapter 14: R100? How does this relate to American finance?

6. How does Mamet describe Homeland Security in Chapter 20: Cabinet Spiritualism and the Car Czar?

7. How does Mamet relate Obama's campaign to the musical "The Music Man" in Chapter 6: "The Music Man"?

8. What does Mamet say of the liberal concern for the victim in Chapter 16: The Victim?

9. How does Mamet describe Jane Fonda's political actions in Chapter 19: Adventure Slumming?

10. How does Mamet describe the paradox of liberal thought in Chapter 1: The Political Impulse?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze Mamet's metaphors in Chapter 29: The Family and Chapter 30: Naturally Evolved Institutions. How does Mamet describe the role of government using a child's sports game as an example?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the theories of Milton Friedman and their impact on the ideas of David Mamet. How does Milton Friedman view free enterprise?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss the Ashkenazi Immigration. What reasons did the Ashkenazi Jews have for leaving their homeland to come to America?

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