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Short Answer Questions

1. When Richard first asks to join Prof. Morrow's class, what does he learn?

2. Where are Henry and Bunny going for winter vacation?

3. To what subject does Richard switch his major without his parents' knowledge?

4. What is Richard's first assignment of the second semester from Prof. Morrow?

5. Where does Richard shave and shower during winter break?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Henry and Bunny go for winter break? Why does Henry come home early? Where is Bunny?

2. When Henry comes to Richard to ask questions about dosages and chemicals, what does he tell Richard about his plan to solve the group's problem with Bunny? How does Richard respond?

3. Under what conditions does Prof. Morrow allow Richard to join his Greek class? How does Richard initially react? What does he decide to do?

4. Where did Richard grow up and spend his high school years? What do we know about his family? How does he feel about his family? His hometown?

5. After the bacchanal, the group members are worried about Bunny. Why?

6. What do Francis and Henry tell Richard about Bunny's behavior since the murder? How is Bunny treating the members of the group, and how are they responding?

7. Who is dead at the opening of the book? Why does the author begin his story this way? What do we know about the dead boy in the opening paragraphs of the book?

8. What does Bunny tell Henry about the night of the bacchanal? What does Henry realize Bunny has done during his illness to obtain the information he has? Why is this important?

9. What happens to Henry in Italy? How does Bunny react to his friend's problem?

10. How does Bunny die? What part do the group members have in his death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Setting is often an important element of a novel. Describe the setting of this story. How does the setting affect this novel? Why is it important to the plot?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter Six, Richard explains why he admires Henry and Julian and their work in Greek. Why does he admire them and their relationships with the Greek language?

Essay Topic 3

Members of the group begin experiencing severe emotional reactions to their roles in Bunny's murder including alcohol and drug use, denial, anxiety, and paranoia. The group as a whole begins to deteriorate as their mentor, Julian, leaves them. At the climax of the story, why do you think Charles wants to kill Henry? Why does Henry kill himself?

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