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Short Answer Questions

1. What show did Richard watch on Sunday nights as a child?

2. What invitation does Camilla offer Richard when they are both at the loud Friday night party?

3. How does Richard inject himself into the Greek student's conversation in the library?

4. Where does Richard stay for the last few days of winter break before he can get into his dorm room?

5. What does Richard dread as the end of his first term at Hampden draws near?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprises Richard when he enters the Greek class on the Monday after learning of Henry's plans to leave the country with Francis, Camilla and Charles? What surprises him even further when he asks Henry about what has been going on?

2. Who is Judy Poovey? Where does Richard speak to her about Henry? What does Judy tell him about his new friend?

3. Under what conditions does Prof. Morrow allow Richard to join his Greek class? How does Richard initially react? What does he decide to do?

4. Charles and Camilla tell Richard about Henry's education. What does Richard learn about Henry in this conversation? Why is he surprised?

5. How does Richard finally meet and speak to students in Professor Morrow's Greek class? How do the students respond to him?

6. What does Richard learn his friends have done? How does he react?

7. Richard engages in risky behavior for winter living, and his life begins to deteriorate. Why does this happen to Richard? Is he aware of the dangerous living situation he is in? Why does Richard refuse to ask for help?

8. What role does Bunny play in the bacchanal? What does this allow him to do after the ritual is over?

9. After the bacchanal, the group members are worried about Bunny. Why?

10. What does Richard find when he borrows a key and enters Henry's apartment? What clues does he put together about the activities of the past few days?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the first chapter, Richard explains had he remained in California, he "might have ended up in a cult." How important is the statement to the story? Explain how this statement is an example of the use of irony in a novel.

Essay Topic 2

Members of the group begin experiencing severe emotional reactions to their roles in Bunny's murder including alcohol and drug use, denial, anxiety, and paranoia. The group as a whole begins to deteriorate as their mentor, Julian, leaves them. At the climax of the story, why do you think Charles wants to kill Henry? Why does Henry kill himself?

Essay Topic 3

In the opening of the story, Richard says "this is the only story I will ever be able to tell." What does he mean by this statement? Why is this the only story?

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