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Short Answer Questions

1. In the area of money, how have the Corcorans treated their son Bunny?

2. What do the twins send Richard during winter break?

3. What does Richard learn about the warehouse when he gets there?

4. Where does Bunny say he would rather stay while in Rome than the hotel Henry has chosen?

5. Who is George Laforgue?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Francis and Henry tell Richard about Bunny's behavior since the murder? How is Bunny treating the members of the group, and how are they responding?

2. Why is Hampden College closed in January and February? Where do students go during this time? In what position does this situation put Richard?

3. When Richard goes to meet with Julian to talk to him about misgivings he is having about his academics, who does he find talking with Julian? What are the two saying?

4. From whom does Richard get the extra money he needs to implement his plan to impress Prof. Morrow and the Greeks studies students? What does the lender think Richard is going to do with the money? What does Richard actually do with the money?

5. What surprises Richard when he enters the Greek class on the Monday after learning of Henry's plans to leave the country with Francis, Camilla and Charles? What surprises him even further when he asks Henry about what has been going on?

6. Charles and Camilla tell Richard about Henry's education. What does Richard learn about Henry in this conversation? Why is he surprised?

7. Under what conditions does Prof. Morrow allow Richard to join his Greek class? How does Richard initially react? What does he decide to do?

8. Richard engages in risky behavior for winter living, and his life begins to deteriorate. Why does this happen to Richard? Is he aware of the dangerous living situation he is in? Why does Richard refuse to ask for help?

9. When Henry comes to Richard to ask questions about dosages and chemicals, what does he tell Richard about his plan to solve the group's problem with Bunny? How does Richard respond?

10. Why does Henry take Bunny to Italy? Does his plan work? How does Bunny behave in Italy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Setting is often an important element of a novel. Describe the setting of this story. How does the setting affect this novel? Why is it important to the plot?

Essay Topic 2

Richard tells us that Julian has said "what is unthinkable is undoable." Discuss this comment as it applies to the story of this novel.

Essay Topic 3

What are the events that lead to Julian Morrow's departure from Hampden? How does his departure affect the group? Do their opinions of and feelings for Julian change?

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