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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rika, Marion's friend, claim to have seen on the day of Henry's call to Marion?
(a) Bunny getting into a cab outside of school.
(b) Bunny standing outside of a bank in town.
(c) Bunny eating lunch at a local diner.
(d) Bunny reading in the library.

2. How do the members of the group spend their first dew days back at college after Bunny's funeral?
(a) They stay away from each other.
(b) They leave for a weekend at Francis' farm.
(c) They go back to the site of the murder.
(d) They take the train to New York.

3. What does Richard think is the most striking object on the playground at the Early Childhood Center?
(a) The twelve-swing swing set.
(b) The giant snail.
(c) The ball pit.
(d) The gigantic see-saw.

4. Where does Richard go on Sunday night after Bunny's funeral when he is feeling particularly lonely?
(a) To dinner with Francis and Henry.
(b) To the Rathskeller on campus.
(c) To his room to go to sleep.
(d) To the dorm meeting with Camilla.

5. Why are Camilla and Richard in Mrs. Corcoran's bathroom the day before the funeral?
(a) Looking for asprin for Francis.
(b) Looking for medication for Henry's headache.
(c) Looking for sleeping pills for Richard.
(d) Looking for drugs for Cloke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charles find in Bunny's room and bring back for the group to see?

2. Why does Francis not want to see a psychiatrist for his problems?

3. What does Henry have Charles bring to Richard on the morning before Greek class?

4. Who answers the door when the group arrives at the Corcoran's home?

5. What is Henry reading when the group arrives at the Corcoran house before the funeral?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the police finally become involved in the search for Bunny's body? How do the group members react to the police involvement?

2. What do Charles and Francis argue about the day before the funeral? Of what does Richard feel this and the other arguments among the group members is symptomatic?

3. How do Bunny's friends at school respond to his death? What do they think happened to him?

4. What happens the day after Bunny's murder that changes the group's plans significantly?

5. How does Richard's behavior change after the discovery of Bunny's body?

6. How do Bunny's parents react to his disappearance? What does Richard think of their reaction?

7. After Bunny dies, what positive qualities about his personality come to light from his other friends at school?

8. How does the search for Bunny finally come to a climax? Who is involved with the investigation at that point?

9. What issue does Richard struggle with after Bunny's death? To what does he attribute the group's actions?

10. Who is Cloke, and how does he appear in the story? What is important about his appearance?

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