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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Charles tell Richard he is spending the summer?
(a) In New York.
(b) In San Francisco.
(c) In Boston.
(d) In Toronto.

2. What game does the group play while Charles and Cloke go to Bunny's dorm room?
(a) Canasta.
(b) Hearts.
(c) Spades.
(d) Eucher.

3. Why are Camilla and Richard in Mrs. Corcoran's bathroom the day before the funeral?
(a) Looking for medication for Henry's headache.
(b) Looking for drugs for Cloke.
(c) Looking for asprin for Francis.
(d) Looking for sleeping pills for Richard.

4. How does Hampden College handle Bunny's death and ensuing investigation?
(a) The college fires Julian Morrow.
(b) The college hires lawyers to defend Henry and Cloke.
(c) The college tries to cover it up to prevent more bad press.
(d) The college expels Cloke and puts the group on probation.

5. What does Richard mumble aloud while Bunny's father collapses in tears?
(a) "This man is out of control."
(b) "God help me I'm sorry."
(c) "Please forgive me, Mr. Corcoran."
(d) "Why did I bother to come here?"

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Corcoran offer the group after his violent mood swing after they arrive at the house?

2. What does Henry overhear the Corcorans talking about before Bunny's funeral?

3. How old is Bunny when he is murdered?

4. What does Mrs. Corcoran want done with the wreaths delivered to her home?

5. What drink is particularly popular with the young women taking care of Richard?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Bunny's friends at school respond to his death? What do they think happened to him?

2. What happens the day after Bunny's murder that changes the group's plans significantly?

3. Who is Cloke, and how does he appear in the story? What is important about his appearance?

4. How does the search for Bunny finally come to a climax? Who is involved with the investigation at that point?

5. What information does Cloke provide that causes the members of the group to realize the focus of the investigation might shift away from any suspicion being directed at them?

6. What does the doctor in the emergency room recommend for Francis? Why? What does Francis tell Henry about his childhood?

7. How do the police finally become involved in the search for Bunny's body? How do the group members react to the police involvement?

8. What happens to the main characters at the climax of the story?

9. What poem does Henry read at Bunny's funeral and why? How does Richard respond to Henry's choice?

10. What does Camilla reveal to Richard about her brother after she has moved out of the apartment she shares with Charles? How does Richard respond?

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