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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the members of the group spend their first dew days back at college after Bunny's funeral?
(a) They leave for a weekend at Francis' farm.
(b) They go back to the site of the murder.
(c) They take the train to New York.
(d) They stay away from each other.

2. What do Henry and Richard find in their mailboxes during the week Bunny is presumed missing?
(a) A faculty questionnaire about Julian Morrow.
(b) A faculty questionnaire about Richard Roland.
(c) A letter from Bunny's father.
(d) A letter from the president of the college.

3. What book does Henry quote at the end his letter to Richard before Bunny's funeral?
(a) The Odyssey.
(b) Plato's Orations.
(c) The Illiad.
(d) The Bible.

4. How does Henry respond to Charles' astonishment over the fact that they have actually killed Bunny?
(a) "I think of it as justifiable homicide."
(b) "I prefer to think of it as a redistribution of matter."
(c) "I am not above murder."
(d) "I think everyone would be relieved."

5. Who rides in the car with Richard and Francis to Bunny' parent's home before Bunny's funeral?
(a) Sophie Dearbold.
(b) Camilla Brooks.
(c) Rachel Lengsmith.
(d) Judy Poovey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard think is the most striking object on the playground at the Early Childhood Center?

2. Why does Henry suggest they call Marion and confirm that no one has seen Bunny for three days?

3. What drug does Richard take from Judy while he is in her room?

4. What alibi does Henry invent to account for the group's time during the time of Bunny's murder?

5. What do Charles and Francis argue about the day before the funeral?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens the day after Bunny's murder that changes the group's plans significantly?

2. What does Camilla reveal to Richard about her brother after she has moved out of the apartment she shares with Charles? How does Richard respond?

3. Where is Marion during Bunny's disappearance? What about her behavior seems unusual to the group?

4. Why does Charles become enraged with Henry? What does he believe Henry is trying to do?

5. Why is Charles arrested during the month following Bunny's murder? Why is Henry concerned about this?

6. How do Bunny's friends at school respond to his death? What do they think happened to him?

7. Who is Cloke, and how does he appear in the story? What is important about his appearance?

8. What poem does Henry read at Bunny's funeral and why? How does Richard respond to Henry's choice?

9. How do Bunny's parents react to his disappearance? What does Richard think of their reaction?

10. What issue does Richard struggle with after Bunny's death? To what does he attribute the group's actions?

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