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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where in the Corcoran house do Richard and Francis sleep while they are there?
(a) On cots in the laundry room.
(b) On cots on the porch.
(c) On cots in the spare bedroom.
(d) On cots in the basement.

2. Where does Henry go after Bunny's body is found?
(a) To Connecticut with the Corcorans.
(b) To Francis' house in the country.
(c) To Maine with the Corcorans.
(d) To Julian's house in New Haven.

3. Who answers the door when the group arrives at the Corcoran's home?
(a) Bunny's mother.
(b) Bunny's father.
(c) The servant.
(d) Bunny's sister.

4. When they are having dinner at the twin's house, what does Henry ask Richard to do?
(a) To talk to Camilla.
(b) To divert Marion from asking questions about Bunny's whereabouts.
(c) To do his Greek homework for him.
(d) To go to the theatre and watch the movies they are using as an alibi.

5. What does Rika, Marion's friend, claim to have seen on the day of Henry's call to Marion?
(a) Bunny standing outside of a bank in town.
(b) Bunny getting into a cab outside of school.
(c) Bunny eating lunch at a local diner.
(d) Bunny reading in the library.

6. What new rumor begins circulating about Bunny when he is reported missing?
(a) Perhaps he is involved in drugs.
(b) Perhaps he is dead.
(c) Perhaps he has left the country.
(d) Perhaps he has decided to leave school.

7. Why does Henry suggest they call Marion and confirm that no one has seen Bunny for three days?
(a) So she will talk to Julian about Bunny's disappearance.
(b) So she will get the police involved.
(c) So she will become angry with Bunny.
(d) So she will call Bunny's other friends and form a search crew.

8. What news does Francis give Richard when he returns to Richard's room the night after they are drunk together?
(a) Henry has been arrested.
(b) Julian has kicked Francis out of the class.
(c) Camilla has moved out of the apartment.
(d) Camilla has left school.

9. What book does Henry quote at the end his letter to Richard before Bunny's funeral?
(a) Plato's Orations.
(b) The Odyssey.
(c) The Illiad.
(d) The Bible.

10. Where does Bunny's brother attend college?
(a) Harvard.
(b) MIT.
(c) Princeton.
(d) Yale.

11. What does Richard witness in Charles and Camilla's apartment after Charles returns from jail that astounds him?
(a) Judy and Charles kissing.
(b) Charles and Marion kissing.
(c) Henry and Camilla kissing.
(d) Charles and Camilla kissing.

12. What game does the group play while Charles and Cloke go to Bunny's dorm room?
(a) Canasta.
(b) Spades.
(c) Eucher.
(d) Hearts.

13. What does the college president say about Bunny?
(a) "He touched people's lives."
(b) "He was a brave man."
(c) "He was a mystery to us all."
(d) "He was the spirit of the college."

14. When Francis and Sophie wake Richard the morning after they are all drunk together, what does Francis say to Richard in Greek?
(a) "You are in big trouble."
(b) "We have a serious problem."
(c) "Important news, my friend."
(d) "Henry has disappeared."

15. What alibi does Henry invent to account for the group's time during the time of Bunny's murder?
(a) They are at a double feature at the Orpheum.
(b) They are driving to another town.
(c) They are studying at the library.
(d) They are shopping at the local grocery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Henry and and Richard find at Charles and Camilla's apartment when they show up on Thursday after Bunny's murder?

2. Why is the mirror in Charles and Camilla's apartment cracked?

3. What is "Shady Brook'?

4. Why are Camilla and Richard in Mrs. Corcoran's bathroom the day before the funeral?

5. What does Henry have Charles bring to Richard on the morning before Greek class?

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