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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Thirsty Thursday?
(a) A milk shake promotion at Steak and Shake.
(b) A burger promotion at the Villager.
(c) A beer promotion at the Red Branding Saloon.
(d) A drink promotion at the Villager.

2. What does Mr. Corcoran offer the group after his violent mood swing after they arrive at the house?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Beer.
(c) Lemonade.
(d) Wine.

3. What does Charles say he and Camilla did the night after the murder?
(a) Drove into town.
(b) Cleaned house.
(c) Took a walk.
(d) Drank alcohol.

4. Where does Richard go after talking with Henry on the phone the night of Bunny's murder?
(a) To find Camilla.
(b) To buy a six pack of beer.
(c) To find Charles.
(d) To Judy Poovey's room.

5. What does Richard think is the most striking object on the playground at the Early Childhood Center?
(a) The giant snail.
(b) The twelve-swing swing set.
(c) The gigantic see-saw.
(d) The ball pit.

6. What is Henry reading when the group arrives at the Corcoran house before the funeral?
(a) The Upanishads.
(b) The Bible.
(c) The Illiad.
(d) The Odyssey.

7. What flowers do Charles and Camilla cut and bring into their home before the snow begins to fall?
(a) Roses.
(b) Tulips.
(c) Gardenias.
(d) Daffodills.

8. When Richard confronts Camilla about her brother, what does Camilla show him?
(a) The tattoo she got on her leg.
(b) The injuries Charles inflicted on her body.
(c) The scar she received from a fall.
(d) The tattoo she had on her arm.

9. Why does Francis not want to see a psychiatrist for his problems?
(a) He is not interested in healing.
(b) He does not have the money to pay.
(c) He is afraid to learn what is bothering him.
(d) He had a bad experience with one as a child.

10. What is the motto of Hampden College?
(a) Learn by Teaching.
(b) Learn by Doing.
(c) Learn by Seeing.
(d) Learn by Experiencing.

11. How does Richard describe the tone of the letter he receives from Henry before Bunny's funeral?
(a) Panic-stricken.
(b) Sad and lonely.
(c) Stilted and formal.
(d) Friendly and newsy.

12. What does Judy Poovey tell Richard in the hall when she sees him the day after Jake Teitelbaum's party?
(a) That Mona Beale is in love with Richard.
(b) That she is in love with Richard.
(c) That Mona Beale has a violent boyfirend.
(d) That the snow has not stopped falling outside.

13. What does Richard witness in Charles and Camilla's apartment after Charles returns from jail that astounds him?
(a) Judy and Charles kissing.
(b) Charles and Marion kissing.
(c) Henry and Camilla kissing.
(d) Charles and Camilla kissing.

14. What does Rika, Marion's friend, claim to have seen on the day of Henry's call to Marion?
(a) Bunny reading in the library.
(b) Bunny getting into a cab outside of school.
(c) Bunny standing outside of a bank in town.
(d) Bunny eating lunch at a local diner.

15. Who comes to Richard's room the night after Jake Teitelbaum's party?
(a) Judy.
(b) Julian.
(c) Henry.
(d) Francis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message from the Corcorans does Henry relay in his letter to Richard?

2. How does the press explain Bunny's death?

3. Where is Charles' apartment located?

4. What does Henry overhear the Corcorans talking about before Bunny's funeral?

5. Who takes care of Richard during the period before Bunny's funeral?

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