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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What alibi does Henry invent to account for the group's time during the time of Bunny's murder?
(a) They are shopping at the local grocery.
(b) They are studying at the library.
(c) They are driving to another town.
(d) They are at a double feature at the Orpheum.

2. Who does Richard bump into on his way home from Charles and Camilla's apartment after Charles is released from jail?
(a) Marion.
(b) Camilla.
(c) Henry.
(d) Julian.

3. Who do Henry and and Richard find at Charles and Camilla's apartment when they show up on Thursday after Bunny's murder?
(a) Jules Feiffer.
(b) Cloke Rayburn.
(c) Edmund Corcoran.
(d) Julian Morrow.

4. What brand of cigarettes does Camilla pull from her pocket when talking with Richard about her brother?
(a) Lucky Strikes, Francis' brand.
(b) Pall Malls, Henry's brand.
(c) Lucky Strikes, Henry's brand.
(d) Pall Malls, Richard's brand.

5. Why are Camilla and Richard in Mrs. Corcoran's bathroom the day before the funeral?
(a) Looking for drugs for Cloke.
(b) Looking for asprin for Francis.
(c) Looking for medication for Henry's headache.
(d) Looking for sleeping pills for Richard.

6. When in town Saturday afternoon, what does Francis buy for Henry at the bookstore?
(a) A translation of Gregory of Tours.
(b) A copy of Mycenaean inscriptions from Knossos.
(c) A study of Victorian murderesses.
(d) A biography of Cortes.

7. What does Judy Poovey tell Richard in the hall when she sees him the day after Jake Teitelbaum's party?
(a) That the snow has not stopped falling outside.
(b) That Mona Beale is in love with Richard.
(c) That Mona Beale has a violent boyfirend.
(d) That she is in love with Richard.

8. What suggestion does Henry make to Richard when Richard admits he is very worried after Bunny's murder?
(a) Think in a different language.
(b) Read a suspense novel.
(c) Get a massage.
(d) Take a hot bath.

9. When Charles sees Richard on Sunday night, for what does he ask?
(a) Five dollars.
(b) The key to Richard's room.
(c) Bunny's picture.
(d) Twenty dollars.

10. What do the police officers find in Bunny's room when they are called in to help find Bunny?
(a) Bunny's wallet and Henry's photo.
(b) Bunny's wallet and tickets to the Met in New York.
(c) Bunny's wallet and a copy of an article about the Rivera.
(d) Bunny's wallet with his ID and two hundred dollars.

11. What is the name of the Corcoran's dog?
(a) Kibbles.
(b) Jennie.
(c) Max.
(d) Jasmine.

12. What news does Francis give Richard when he returns to Richard's room the night after they are drunk together?
(a) Camilla has moved out of the apartment.
(b) Julian has kicked Francis out of the class.
(c) Henry has been arrested.
(d) Camilla has left school.

13. Where does Richard go on Sunday night after Bunny's funeral when he is feeling particularly lonely?
(a) To his room to go to sleep.
(b) To dinner with Francis and Henry.
(c) To the dorm meeting with Camilla.
(d) To the Rathskeller on campus.

14. What does Henry have Charles bring to Richard on the morning before Greek class?
(a) The book Julian wanted them to read over the weekend.
(b) A letter from his parents in California.
(c) A copy of a Greek sonnet to recite in class.
(d) His notes on the reading assignment.

15. Where does Richard go after talking with Henry on the phone the night of Bunny's murder?
(a) To find Camilla.
(b) To find Charles.
(c) To Judy Poovey's room.
(d) To buy a six pack of beer.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hampden College handle Bunny's death and ensuing investigation?

2. Who rides in the car with Richard and Francis to Bunny' parent's home before Bunny's funeral?

3. What new rumor begins circulating about Bunny when he is reported missing?

4. How do the members of the group spend their first dew days back at college after Bunny's funeral?

5. What does Camilla tell Richard when she wakes him up the morning after the police search of Bunny's room?

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