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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What idealistic plan do the group members come up with before the end of fall term?
(a) To get Richard and Camilla together as a couple.
(b) To travel to Europe together.
(c) To live in Francis's house year-round.
(d) To go into business together.

2. Where does Richard find himself the morning after he collapses on the street and staggers to his room in the warehouse?
(a) In the infirmary.
(b) In Dr. Roland's house.
(c) In the Montpelier hospital.
(d) In the warehouse.

3. When at a party, what does Richard hear from a girl about his Greek group?
(a) They are brilliant.
(b) They are devil worshippers.
(c) They are high school drop outs.
(d) They are well respected.

4. When Richard confronts Henry and asks where the group has been, what does Henry tell him about the group?
(a) They witnessed a murder.
(b) They have threatened to kill someone.
(c) They have killed someone.
(d) They heard a confession from a murderer, but didn't tell anyone.

5. What does Richard realize when he is eating the back-to-school dinner alone in the commons?
(a) He really is cut off from the rest of the school as Laforgue had said.
(b) He is not certain he wants to remain at Hampden.
(c) He is very happy to be back at school.
(d) He dresses much poorer than most of the other students.

6. What does Richard learn about the warehouse when he gets there?
(a) It is an unheated building with a hole in the roof.
(b) It is an unheated building filled with other people.
(c) It is an abandoned building.
(d) It is a spacious furnished loft.

7. Where are Henry and Bunny going for winter vacation?
(a) Europe.
(b) Home to their families.
(c) Charles' farm.
(d) India.

8. What information does Bunny possess after the trip to Rome that allows him to torment and threaten his friends?
(a) Confirmation in Henry's diary of the group's murder of the farmer.
(b) A list of flights leaving the country in the following week.
(c) Bank account numbers for everyone's personal trust bank accounts.
(d) A letter stating Charles and Henry are brothers.

9. What does Bunny do when the check arrives after his and Richard's long, expensive lunch?
(a) He leaves a hundred dollar tip.
(b) He leaves the table and Richard has to pay the bill.
(c) He explains he forgot his wallet.
(d) He offers to call a cab.

10. Where does Richard shave and shower during winter break?
(a) In the cellar of the Commons.
(b) In the bathroom in the warehouse.
(c) At the truckstop.
(d) In Dr. Roland's apartment.

11. How does Francis describe the group's appearance on the night of the murder?
(a) Wearing sheets, barefoot and soaked in blood.
(b) Wearing sheets, boots and covered in mud.
(c) Wearing sheets, sandals, and drunk.
(d) Wearing towels, barefoot and soaked in whiskey.

12. How does Richard get to the warehouse in East Hampton?
(a) He rides a bike.
(b) He hitches a ride on a truck.
(c) He takes a taxi.
(d) He walks in the cold.

13. Who is George Laforgue?
(a) The college president.
(b) Richard's math teacher.
(c) Ricahrd's advisor.
(d) Richard's roommate.

14. Why does Henry agree to take Bunny to Rome for winter break?
(a) To keep him quiet about the murder.
(b) To see the Piazza di Spagna.
(c) To kill him.
(d) To have companionship since Richard could not go.

15. What does the group tell Bunny happened to cause them to return home blood-covered the night of the bacchanal?
(a) They had killed a deer.
(b) They had killed a farmer.
(c) The had killed a bear.
(d) They had killed a leopard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is standing next to Julian Morrow in the photo Richard sees when visiting Henry's apartment?

2. What does Richard overhear Francis say to Henry when the two are arguing in the back of Henry's apartment?

3. When he cannot find any of his friends and begins to worry, who does Richard call to ask for Francis?

4. What does Richard dread as the end of his first term at Hampden draws near?

5. Why does Richard believe it is obvious to anyone that the group's story to Bunny to explain the blood was not true?

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