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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Charles and Francis argue about the day before the funeral?
(a) Charles wants to sleep upstairs.
(b) Francis takes Charles' car without asking.
(c) Charles takes Francis' car without asking.
(d) Francis wants to check into a hotel.

2. What does Mrs. Corcoran want done with the wreaths delivered to her home?
(a) She wants them to remain in the entry hall.
(b) She wants them thrown away.
(c) She wants them brought to the funeral home.
(d) She wants them placed around the house.

3. What does Henry catch Bunny doing when he wakes and sees Bunny sitting at his desk?
(a) Cheating off of Henry's class notes.
(b) Stealing Henry's watch.
(c) Reading Henry's journal.
(d) Stealing Henry's wallet.

4. Who rides in the car with Richard and Francis to Bunny' parent's home before Bunny's funeral?
(a) Judy Poovey.
(b) Sophie Dearbold.
(c) Camilla Brooks.
(d) Rachel Lengsmith.

5. What does Bunny do when the check arrives after his and Richard's long, expensive lunch?
(a) He explains he forgot his wallet.
(b) He leaves a hundred dollar tip.
(c) He offers to call a cab.
(d) He leaves the table and Richard has to pay the bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug does Richard take from Judy while he is in her room?

2. What does Bunny leave in Richard's mailbox before he leaves for winter break?

3. What does Henry reveal to Richard about Bunny and his family?

4. How does Richard describe the tone of the letter he receives from Henry before Bunny's funeral?

5. What does Richard have with him when he arrives in Hampden?

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