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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Julian Morrow's office?
(a) In the Lyceum.
(b) On the third floor of the languages building.
(c) In the administration building.
(d) In the library.

2. What does Richard realize when he is eating the back-to-school dinner alone in the commons?
(a) He really is cut off from the rest of the school as Laforgue had said.
(b) He is very happy to be back at school.
(c) He is not certain he wants to remain at Hampden.
(d) He dresses much poorer than most of the other students.

3. What do Charles and Francis argue about the day before the funeral?
(a) Francis takes Charles' car without asking.
(b) Charles takes Francis' car without asking.
(c) Charles wants to sleep upstairs.
(d) Francis wants to check into a hotel.

4. What alibi does Henry invent to account for the group's time during the time of Bunny's murder?
(a) They are studying at the library.
(b) They are driving to another town.
(c) They are at a double feature at the Orpheum.
(d) They are shopping at the local grocery.

5. What does Rika, Marion's friend, claim to have seen on the day of Henry's call to Marion?
(a) Bunny eating lunch at a local diner.
(b) Bunny reading in the library.
(c) Bunny getting into a cab outside of school.
(d) Bunny standing outside of a bank in town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to Richard's room the night after Jake Teitelbaum's party?

2. To what subject does Richard switch his major without his parents' knowledge?

3. What shocking thing does Richard see when he enters Prof. Morrow's office on the first day of class?

4. What does Richard think Henry and the group should have done after the murder of the farmer?

5. Who among Richard's college friends are orphans?

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