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Lesson 1 (from Book I, Chapters 1-2)


Book I, Chapters 1-2

In the first two chapters of the novel, Greek has a tremendous influence on every main character. The students study Greek, their adviser is also their Greek studies teacher, and they are all working for the same major in Greek studies. The objective of the lesson is to examine the theme of Greek in the first two chapters and its symbolism in the novel.


1) Class discussion: Where have Camilla and Charles studied Greek before coming to Hampden? Where does Richard first study Greek? How have Henry and Francis been exposed to Greek? How does the study of Greek tie these characters and Bunny together?

2) Group discussion: When spoken of in a college environment, the term "Greek" often refers to sororities and fraternities. In this case, it refers to the ancient language. The Greek Studies class is, however, much like a fraternity...

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