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Hampden College

Write a college brochure for Hampden College. Include all details given by the author, and add some of your own.

College Tee Shirt

Create a Hampden College tee shirt, and include a logo on it.

Hampden College

Find a map of Vermont and create the location of Hampden College. Use information given throughout the book to place the college in the correct area of the state.

Course Description

Write up a course description for the class offered by Prof. Morrow. What will be studied? Who will be admitted? What are the prerequisites? Class size?


Research a bacchanal. From where in history does the bacchanal come? What is special about the ritual? Give a report to the class.


Act out the scene between Richard and Henry when Henry reveals the murder in Chapter 4.

Bunny's Funeral

Research poetry written about death, especially the death of someone...

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