Objects & Places from The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Jennifer Lynch
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Twin Peaks (the television series)

This was a television series in the early 1990s, which provided the source material, such as characters and situations that form the basis of this book.

Twin Peaks (the town)

This is the town where the narrative and the television series were set, a small community in the shadow of a mountain range.

The Diary

This object played an important role in the narrative of the show and provides key insights into the character of Laura Palmer, including the circumstances of her life and death.

The Woods

This place is portrayed as the setting for Laura's encounters with the darker sides of herself and is where she goes with BOB, where she has her sexual encounters.


Several times in the diary, these creatures are referred to as a mysterious, powerful presence in Laura's life and experience.


This substance becomes Laura's drug...

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