The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer Character Descriptions

Jennifer Lynch
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Laura Palmer

This is the book's central character and first person narrator.


This is the narrative's principal antagonist. While his true nature is never completely defined, both the quality and the impact of his presence are undeniable. He is frightening, unpredictable, relentless, and ultimately destructive.

Laura's Parents

These characters are portrayed throughout the narrative as being loving, supportive, and a bit bewildered by their apparently moody daughter.

Donna Hayward

This is the protagonist's best friend, a long standing relationship that goes back beyond even the first diary entries.


This is the protagonist's cousin who appears only in the diary's very early entries and is referred to only once or twice later on.

Benjamin, Audrey and Johnny Horne

This family is one of the wealthiest of Twin Peaks and is the employer of the protagonist's father.

The Three Boys from Canada

On a visit to a local...

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