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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The nagual set La Gorda a task of taking care of _______ in order to give what she had never received, love and affection.
(a) Lidia and Josefina.
(b) Josefina and Soledad.
(c) Rosa and Josefina.
(d) Lidia and Rosa.

2. When Carlos begins to talk to La Gorda, he becomes upset and _______.
(a) Starts shouting.
(b) Hands out the packages he brought.
(c) Leaves the house.
(d) Starts throwing things.

3. Soledad attempts to take Carlos' _______ so that she can be complete, at the instruction of Don Juan.
(a) Prestige.
(b) Money.
(c) Power.
(d) Notebooks.

4. When Carlos and La Gorda arrive at the cave she tells him that he is ______ but the bouts with the sisters have made him stronger.
(a) Incomplete.
(b) Strong.
(c) Weak.
(d) Foolish.

5. Lidia stated that, in terms of the four sisters, ______ was the boss and the nagual himself had put her in command.
(a) La Gorda.
(b) Josefina.
(c) Soledad.
(d) Rosa.

6. La Gorda steps outside of the cave to show Carlos her luminosity and does a _______ demonstration.
(a) Flying.
(b) Seeing.
(c) Singing.
(d) Calling.

7. La Gorda was finally saved when ______ found her and took her in to his carpentry shop. There she started doing laundry.
(a) Pablito.
(b) Nestor.
(c) Eligio.
(d) Benigno.

8. Carlos again hears the sound at the base of his neck and is able to counter-attack ______ when she attacks him with her 'stick'.
(a) Rosa.
(b) Soledad.
(c) Lidia.
(d) Josefina.

9. Carlos is invited by Pablito's mother to have sex with her. She is upset that he is not _______.
(a) Implacable.
(b) Impeccable.
(c) Imperfect.
(d) Immature.

10. Don Juan had called the four sisters _______ meaning the 'little sisters'.
(a) Las hermanos.
(b) Las hermanas.
(c) Las hermanitos.
(d) Las hermanitas.

11. Dona Soledad produces wash basins to which she adds ________ . She then instructs Carlos to wash himself with the water.
(a) Mashed leaves.
(b) Mashed vines.
(c) Mescalito.
(d) Oils.

12. When one of the allies begins to approach, La Gorda instructs Carlos to ______ in his hands and create sparks.
(a) Rub dirt.
(b) Sneeze.
(c) Spit.
(d) Piss.

13. Carlos invites La Gorda to get into the car and she begins a complicated set of movements known as the ______.
(a) Power gesture.
(b) Hello gesture.
(c) 'Seeing' gesture.
(d) Goodbye gesture.

14. In addition to having no teeth and an ugly, old, smelly body ______ also seemed to have some kind of facial paralysis.
(a) La Gorda.
(b) Soledad.
(c) Josefina.
(d) Rosa.

15. ______ is the best of Don Juan's apprentices and the only one who didn't have to jump into the abyss.
(a) Genaro.
(b) Benigno.
(c) Pablito.
(d) Eligio.

Short Answer Questions

1. The nagual once grabbed Soledad from behind and made her change the _______ of her eyes and her life.

2. When she first faces the little sisters, Carlos is drawn to the way La Gorda holds her hands over her _______.

3. The light was referred to as _____ and Carlos was told that the second that he became weak it would kill him.

4. Josefina shreds her hand on a _______ before she is finally able to drop her old ways and move into the ways of power.

5. Don Juan's other ally came in the form of ______. Both of his allies scared the wits out of Carlos.

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