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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _______ has difficulty talking and Carlos is horrified by the apparent 'aphasia' that has made it difficult for her.
(a) Soledad.
(b) Lidia.
(c) Rosa.
(d) Josefina.

2. When Carlos and La Gorda arrive at the cave she tells him that he is ______ but the bouts with the sisters have made him stronger.
(a) Foolish.
(b) Incomplete.
(c) Strong.
(d) Weak.

3. Carlos heard a dry _____ at the base of his neck and he was able to extricate himself from Soledad.
(a) Crack.
(b) Swish.
(c) Thud.
(d) Thunk.

4. The floor of Soledad's room has magical properties and it is oriented to the magic of the _____ wind.
(a) North.
(b) South.
(c) West.
(d) East.

5. Carlos Castaneda is searching for Don Juan, and he stops at Pablito's house where he lives with his mom and _____ sisters.
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Five.
(d) Four.

6. According to the book, Carlos told La Gorda that he was going to drive until he reached the town of _______.
(a) Mexico City.
(b) Nogales.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) San Francisco.

7. In addition to having no teeth and an ugly, old, smelly body ______ also seemed to have some kind of facial paralysis.
(a) Soledad.
(b) Rosa.
(c) Josefina.
(d) La Gorda.

8. When she first faces the little sisters, Carlos is drawn to the way La Gorda holds her hands over her _______.
(a) Chest.
(b) Face.
(c) Legs.
(d) Umbilical region.

9. The difference between the way that men do the gesture and women do the gesture is that women store their feelings in ______.
(a) Their stomach.
(b) Their heads.
(c) Their chest.
(d) Their womb.

10. During the conversation at the house, one of the girls states that ______ is in the mountains looking for Nestor.
(a) Josefina.
(b) Rosa.
(c) Soledad.
(d) La Gorda.

11. All of the following jumped into the abyss except ______, the last time that Carlos saw Don Juan.
(a) Don Juan.
(b) Genaro.
(c) Eligio.
(d) Soledad.

12. After the disguise has been dropped, it is revealed that the child is a bundle of ______.
(a) Rags.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Animal skins.
(d) Clothes.

13. Women warriors have a best direction in terms of the wind. Soledad's best direction is the _______.
(a) South.
(b) East.
(c) West.
(d) North.

14. There are two ways that a sorcerer can tell if someone has a hole in them. The first way is through 'seeing' it looking directly at them. The second way is 'seeing' through_____.
(a) Using the allies.
(b) Travelling.
(c) Dreaming.
(d) Journeying.

15. Carlos described one of Don Juan's allies as being eight or nine feet tall and _______ in shape.
(a) Triangular.
(b) Spherical.
(c) Rectangular.
(d) Circular.

Short Answer Questions

1. During this encounter Carlos becomes aware that he is viewing the scene in the house from the ______.

2. Don Juan stated that this particular sensation was necessary for ______ to cultivate.

3. The nagual uses _______ to cure or kill the laundry woman because he sees death approaching. This allows her to learn more than the other apprentices.

4. Pablito rescued Elena, also known as _______ from a life of poverty and sets her up doing laundry.

5. The nagual finds _______ chasing a pig and offers her a job which she is reluctant to take fearing rape.

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