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These are entities controlled by a sorcerer.


The body that one gets in dreaming, this item is identical with oneself.


This item is Don Juan Matus' personification of peyote, the hallucinogenic drug derived from the alkaloid mescaline used in Yaqui Indian rituals.

Mexico City

In this city, Don Juan Matus pushes the author into an office to dispel his attention on the tonal (everyday), but the author slips through the crack between worlds and Don Juan has a hellish time finding him again.


The author assumes that this name is an honorific applied to his mentor, the sorcerer Don Juan Matus, by his apprentices, but is told by Nestor that it is a horrendous, menacing shape that looks like a person but is twice the person's size--hence not strictly speaking the person's double--that takes too much energy to sustain.

Rings of Power (the Tonal/Nagual Dichotomy)

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