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Chapter 1, The Transformation of Doña Soledad

• Carlos Castaneda searches for Don Juan before driving to Pablito's house.

• Dona Soledad says that she is to work with Castaneda this time.

• The powers of a woman sorcerer are different from those of a male sorcerer.

• Dona Soledad gets on top of Castaneda and he suddenly has an out of body experience.

• Carlos' body is long ago replaced and he has become the Nagual.

Chapter 2, The Little Sisters

• Carlos meets and talks to Lidia and Rosa.

• Lidia insists that Carlos' double heals Dona Soledad.

• Carlos leaves energy on the skin of Dona Soledad and Rosa when he strikes them.

• Lidia and Rosa push Carlos to the ground, causing him to pass out and be across the room again.

Chapter 3, La Gorda

• La Gorda has dark, scanning, calm eyes.

• If Carlos survives two attacks, then La Gorda and Carlos must go...

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