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John Battelle
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position is Shona Brown hired for?
(a) Director of Communications.
(b) President of Corporate Affairs.
(c) Accounts Supervisor.
(d) Vice President of Business Operations.

2. What does "GDS" stand for?
(a) Google Desktop Search.
(b) Google Database Search.
(c) Google Domain Search.
(d) Google Directory Search.

3. What is Google criticized for by the financial press?
(a) The range of its stock prices.
(b) The amount of time it took for the company to go public.
(c) The lawsuits filed against the company.
(d) The number of employees the company has.

4. In what month of 2004 does Google file its IPO?
(a) November.
(b) April.
(c) June.
(d) February.

5. What does "SEO" stand for?
(a) Search Enhancing Option.
(b) Search Enhancing Operation.
(c) Search Engine Optimization.
(d) Search Engine Operation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Battelle's concern with Google's motto?

2. Bringing the major themes of the entire book together, Battelle summarizes Internet search in what way?

3. What part of the University of California is intentionally denied access to search?

4. During the months leading up to the stock opening, what does a former senior manager file a lawsuit against the company for?

5. Who creates "The Tablets?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Google interested in going public and selling shares of the company during its first few years?

2. Considering everything discussed throughout all of the chapters, do you think that the original vision for the Database of Intentions has been realized? Why or why not?

3. What are the two important facts about search that Battelle's story illustrates in Chapter 12?

4. Explain the peculiar characteristics surrounding the way Google grows, citing examples of Larry Page and Sergey Brin's odd culture and the reaction it might generate.

5. What business practice discussed in Chapter 8 might be perceived as an abandonment of Google's motto?

6. What is click fraud and how does it affect search businesses?

7. How does an algorithm tweak on Google's part inadvertently hurt many online businesses in 2003?

8. What are some of the concerns outlined in Chapter 8 about privacy and Internet search?

9. What is Google's motto and what is Battelle's opinion on it?

10. Describe the main difference in the way Google and Yahoo approach Internet search.

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