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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Section 1: Part 4", where does the narrator say people sail their vessels of sadness to?
(a) The peace.
(b) The autumn.
(c) The land.
(d) The edge.

2. Why does the narrator say he once tried to grow a beard?
(a) To hide his face.
(b) To pretend to be someone else.
(c) To impress a girl.
(d) To see if he could.

3. Overall, how does the narrator describe his feelings for Avril?
(a) Interested.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Pleasant.
(d) Angry.

4. What is Myles' physical ailment?
(a) He has a limp.
(b) He has polio.
(c) He is blind.
(d) He is mute.

5. What does the narrator say happened at the end of the Grace family picnic?
(a) Chloe hit him.
(b) His mother was late picking him up.
(c) He helped clean up.
(d) Mr. Grace made him leave early.

6. How does the narrator say Anna's death affected his body?
(a) He began to shake.
(b) He lost weight.
(c) He became disgusted with it.
(d) He was nervous about it.

7. In "Section 1: Part 3", what does the narrator say he once argued with Claire about?
(a) If he was sober enough to drive home.
(b) If she was old enough to control her life.
(c) If they would ever be friends.
(d) If he was lonely enough to marry again.

8. In "Section 1: Part 5", how does the narrator describe the chance to be with the Grace family at a picnic?
(a) Troubled by the importance of the situation.
(b) Blessed by the gods.
(c) Happy to be alive.
(d) Nervous and shaking.

9. What does the narrator see in the water at the end of "Section 1: Part 6"?
(a) A school of fish.
(b) A whale.
(c) A ship.
(d) A rowboat.

10. Who is Mr. Todd?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A scientist.
(c) A businessman.
(d) A historian.

11. What makes the narrator think of Van Gogh's self-portraits in "Section 1: Part 6"?
(a) A note from his daughter.
(b) His own reflection.
(c) His research.
(d) He sees a copy of one in a paper.

12. What does the narrator do with the rock in "Section 1: Part 6"?
(a) Puts it to his lips.
(b) Throws it in the water.
(c) Gives it to a child.
(d) Squeezes it in his hand.

13. Which member of the Grace family does the narrator call a "godling"?
(a) Chloe.
(b) Myles.
(c) The father.
(d) The mother.

14. In "Section 1: Part 4", what does the narrator say his mother did when she once heard him crying?
(a) Left him alone.
(b) Helped him talk about it.
(c) Hugged him.
(d) Gave him advice.

15. What type of life does the narrator say he envisioned for himself as a child?
(a) A troubled life.
(b) A life of travel.
(c) An academic life.
(d) A life in business.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Section 1: Part 4", when does the narrator say he thinks of the Graces the most?

2. At the end of "Section 1: Part 6", what does the narrator hear?

3. When does the narrator say Bonnard painted self-portraits?

4. What does the narrator say he never saw again after meeting Mr. and Mrs. Grace for the first time?

5. What does the narrator say Anna feared about being bald?

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