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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the narrator of "Section 1: Part 1", when did the gods leave?
(a) When the drought ended.
(b) When leaves fell off the trees.
(c) When the tide was high.
(d) When the moon was full.

2. How does the narrator describe living with his ill wife in "Section 1: Part 1"?
(a) Like they were on a new planet.
(b) Like they were on display.
(c) Like they were buried alive.
(d) Like they were sinking.

3. What is The Cedars?
(a) Rehab.
(b) A school.
(c) A boarding house.
(d) A retirement home.

4. In the narrator's dream in "Section 1: Part 2", where does he travel?
(a) A country road.
(b) Along a river bank.
(c) In a city.
(d) A forest.

5. What type of game does the narrator remember Mrs. Grace wanting to play at the picnic?
(a) A betting game.
(b) A jumping game.
(c) A chasing game.
(d) A running game.

6. What does the narrator say he did with Claire shortly after Anna died?
(a) Sent her away.
(b) Sold the house.
(c) Went for a drive.
(d) Went to the beach.

7. What does the narrator struggle to write?
(a) An academic paper.
(b) A biography.
(c) A summary.
(d) A news article.

8. In "Section 1: Part 5", how does the narrator describe the chance to be with the Grace family at a picnic?
(a) Nervous and shaking.
(b) Troubled by the importance of the situation.
(c) Happy to be alive.
(d) Blessed by the gods.

9. Who is Mr. Todd?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A historian.
(c) A scientist.
(d) A businessman.

10. Why does the narrator say he went to The Cedars after Anna died?
(a) He needed a new home.
(b) He needed a place for Claire to stay.
(c) He had to borrow money.
(d) He hoped the Graces would be there.

11. Why does the narrator assume that Miss Vavasour cries herself to sleep?
(a) Because of the sounds that come from her room.
(b) Because of the look of her eyes.
(c) Because of her prayers.
(d) Because of a rumor Colonel told him.

12. What does the narrator say Avril told him about the dairy farmer's family?
(a) They have all died.
(b) They work in the city now.
(c) They moved down the road.
(d) They all left for Europe.

13. In "Section 1: Part 5", what does the narrator say energizes him?
(a) Storms.
(b) Family.
(c) Fear.
(d) Salvation.

14. What does the narrator say happened at the end of the Grace family picnic?
(a) He helped clean up.
(b) Chloe hit him.
(c) His mother was late picking him up.
(d) Mr. Grace made him leave early.

15. How does the narrator describe Mr. Grace's introduction of himself?
(a) Cruel.
(b) Friendly.
(c) Distracted.
(d) Sarcastic.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Section 1: Part 3", what does the narrator say he once argued with Claire about?

2. Why does the narrator say he once tried to grow a beard?

3. In "Section 1: Part 1", what does the narrator overhear Anna say after he has a drink?

4. When does the narrator say his father left his family?

5. What does the narrator say made him cry over Mrs. Grace as a teenager?

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