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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Section 1: Part 1", what does the narrator say that Anna said when he made her tea?
(a) She thanked him.
(b) She wanted her tea cold.
(c) She asked for Brandy.
(d) She asked to be alone.

2. How does the narrator describe living with his ill wife in "Section 1: Part 1"?
(a) Like they were on a new planet.
(b) Like they were on display.
(c) Like they were sinking.
(d) Like they were buried alive.

3. How does the narrator describe Miss Vavasour's appearance?
(a) Young looking.
(b) Overly made-up.
(c) Well-dressed.
(d) Short.

4. What does the narrator say he inspected first on the dairy farmer's land in "Section 1: Part 3"?
(a) The fences.
(b) The barn.
(c) The house.
(d) The cows.

5. What does the narrator see in the water at the end of "Section 1: Part 6"?
(a) A whale.
(b) A school of fish.
(c) A rowboat.
(d) A ship.

6. In "Section 1: Part 5", what does the narrator say he lacked in the early days of Anna's illness?
(a) Faith.
(b) Energy.
(c) Hope.
(d) Money.

7. How does the narrator feel about his appearance in "Section 1: Part 6"?
(a) Confused.
(b) Impressed.
(c) Neutral.
(d) Disgusted.

8. Why does the narrator assume that Miss Vavasour cries herself to sleep?
(a) Because of her prayers.
(b) Because of a rumor Colonel told him.
(c) Because of the look of her eyes.
(d) Because of the sounds that come from her room.

9. What does the narrator say he did with Claire shortly after Anna died?
(a) Sold the house.
(b) Went to the beach.
(c) Went for a drive.
(d) Sent her away.

10. In "Section 1: Part 4", when does the narrator say he thinks of the Graces the most?
(a) Afternoon.
(b) Morning.
(c) Night.
(d) Dusk.

11. In "Section 1: Part 3", what does the narrator say he once argued with Claire about?
(a) If he was sober enough to drive home.
(b) If she was old enough to control her life.
(c) If he was lonely enough to marry again.
(d) If they would ever be friends.

12. Why does the narrator say he thought about the Grace family as a child?
(a) To make up stories.
(b) To help him fall asleep.
(c) To try to become part of their family.
(d) To escape.

13. What does the narrator say he never saw again after meeting Mr. and Mrs. Grace for the first time?
(a) The dog.
(b) His father.
(c) The housekeeper.
(d) Myles.

14. Who does the narrator remember finding him hiding with Mrs. Grace at the picnic?
(a) Myles.
(b) Chloe.
(c) Rose.
(d) Mr. Grace.

15. Where is the stone located, in "Section 1: Part 6", that the narrator is transported to?
(a) A river bank.
(b) A rocky shore.
(c) A cliff.
(d) A beach.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the narrator say was the first member of the Grace family to greet him?

2. What does the narrator say he realized after spending time alone with Mrs. Grace?

3. What confuses the narrator most about Bonnard?

4. In "Section 1: Part 6", what does the narrator say he is trapped in?

5. What color is the stone the narrator says he is transported to in "Section 1: Part 6"?

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