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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say he likened Mrs. Grace's body to as a teenager?
(a) A movie star.
(b) A flower.
(c) A fountain.
(d) A Greek goddess.

2. In the beginning of "Section 1: Part 6", what does the narrator look at?
(a) A self-portrait.
(b) A portrait of Bonnard.
(c) A photograph of himself.
(d) A mirror.

3. How does the narrator say he felt when he discovered the dairy farmer's lane in "Section 1: Part 3"?
(a) Confused.
(b) Angry.
(c) Sad.
(d) Pleased.

4. When does the narrator say his father left his family?
(a) When he was an infant.
(b) The summer he met Chloe.
(c) The summer before he met Chloe.
(d) The summer after he met Chloe.

5. Who is the narrator reminded of because of his dream in "Section 1: Part 2"?
(a) Chloe Grace.
(b) Mrs. Grace.
(c) Mr. Grace.
(d) Anna.

6. How does the narrator feel during his dream in "Section 1: Part 2"?
(a) Confused.
(b) Sad.
(c) Surprised.
(d) Content.

7. What makes the narrator's bed interesting to him?
(a) It is painted white.
(b) It is old.
(c) It is falling apart.
(d) It is carved.

8. What does the narrator assume Roget used to do to patients?
(a) Use laughing gas.
(b) Lie to them.
(c) Study them.
(d) Take their medicine.

9. How does the narrator describe Mr. Grace's introduction of himself?
(a) Friendly.
(b) Distracted.
(c) Cruel.
(d) Sarcastic.

10. Why does the narrator say he thought about the Grace family as a child?
(a) To make up stories.
(b) To escape.
(c) To try to become part of their family.
(d) To help him fall asleep.

11. After the Grace picnic, what does the narrator say worried him most about Mr. Grace?
(a) His depression.
(b) His violent side.
(c) His poor driving skills.
(d) His political influence.

12. What type of life does the narrator say he envisioned for himself as a child?
(a) A life in business.
(b) An academic life.
(c) A life of travel.
(d) A troubled life.

13. Who does the narrator remember finding him hiding with Mrs. Grace at the picnic?
(a) Mr. Grace.
(b) Chloe.
(c) Myles.
(d) Rose.

14. How does the narrator describe his childhood home in "Section 1: Part 2"?
(a) Busy.
(b) Unhappy.
(c) Pleasant.
(d) Curious.

15. How does the narrator describe Mrs. Grace after the picnic?
(a) Drunk.
(b) God-like.
(c) Dangerous.
(d) Human.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say happened at the end of the Grace family picnic?

2. What makes the narrator think of Van Gogh's self-portraits in "Section 1: Part 6"?

3. In "Section 1: Part 5", where does the narrator say he isn't when he says: "where [he is] neither alive nor..."

4. What does the narrator do with the rock in "Section 1: Part 6"?

5. In "Section 1: Part 2", what does the narrator wonder about himself?

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