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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who decides to spend their time stocking the pantry when they are at Charles's home?
(a) Rosina
(b) Titus
(c) Gilbert
(d) Peregrine

2. Charles tells Hartley that the _______________ of love has come to rescue them all.
(a) Miracle
(b) Cupid
(c) Angel
(d) Mystery

3. _______________ is almost catatonic with fear and with tension, according to Charles.
(a) Hartley
(b) Lizzie
(c) Gilbert
(d) Titus

4. ___________ says that sometimes things need to be simply allowed to happen, in a calm and resigned way.
(a) Fitch
(b) Hartley
(c) Titus
(d) Gilbert

5. ___________ has left university in search of Charles as he wants to ask where Charles is actually his father.
(a) Titus
(b) James
(c) Joseph
(d) Peregrine

6. Who confesses that he tried to kill Charles as a result of years of not liking Charles at all?
(a) Gilbert
(b) Titus
(c) Peregrine
(d) James

7. What is the only thing that Charles keeps from James's apartment?
(a) A picture of Hartley
(b) His journal
(c) Casket
(d) A picture of the sea

8. Where do Titus and Hartley shut themselves in order to have a long talk together?
(a) Bedroom
(b) Inner room
(c) Bathroom
(d) Patio

9. In whose apartment is Charles now living according to the contents of this chapter?
(a) Gilbert
(b) Lizzie
(c) Peregrine
(d) James

10. What does Charles decide he has to prepare for as he heads out for the invited event?
(a) Hartley being dead.
(b) Fitch killing him.
(c) Fitch giving up Hartley.
(d) Hartley living with him.

11. Charles says that the ____________ is the only part of his life with any meaning and that he wants to wait for Hartley.
(a) Future
(b) Present
(c) Past
(d) House

12. What has fallen to the floor, releasing the demon within, according to Charles?
(a) A glass
(b) Casket
(c) Vase
(d) His book

13. Who decides to take over the cooking at the house for the group living with Charles?
(a) Lizzie
(b) James
(c) Charles
(d) Titus

14. What does Charles use in order to lure Hartley away from her home and into Charles's arms?
(a) A coded telegram
(b) Sunlight off a mirror
(c) A phone call
(d) A distress call

15. Charles begins to wonder if Hartley married and stayed with Fitch because she found him __________ attractive.
(a) Sexually
(b) Dramatically
(c) Emotionally
(d) Financially

Short Answer Questions

1. Charles convinces himself that the change in Hartley's behavior is the result of her realizing the ____________ of his love.

2. What does Gilbert offer to do for Charles in order to give him some service?

3. What is Hartley beginning to mutter to herself that she wants to do, besides go home?

4. Fitch threatens to kill ____________ if he comes around the house again.

5. __________ protests that Charles can't just arbitrarily end someone else's marriage the way he wants.

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