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The Mirror

This item is the first of two objects left behind by the previous owner of Shruff End that define Charles's state of mind/being as his tormented summer begins, and it foreshadows the process of transformation he undertakes during that summer.

The Vase

This item is the second of the two objects left behind in Shruff End. In its exotic ugliness, the vase represents the equal ugliness of Charles's attitude toward and treatment of women, which means that when it shatters, it too is a simultaneous foreshadowing and symbol.

The Sea Serpent

This item, which Charles sees or imagines seeing both at the beginning and at the end of his journey, is also a symbol of ugliness, but of the ugliness of obsession.

Shruff End

This is the house into which Charles moves; it represents the new unknown self into which Charles finds himself also moving...

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