The Sea, the Sea Character Descriptions

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This character, the narrator, is selfish, arrogant, manipulative, prone to self-delusion, simultaneously intelligent and unwise, a glutton and a self-indulgent sensualist.


This character is a middle-aged actress, a former protege and a former lover.


This character is also a middle-aged actress. She is much more physically attractive, sexually energetic, and emotionally volatile.


This character appears only in recollections. She is nevertheless one of the most important figures in his life, having introduced him as a young man to theatre, sex, and relationships.


This character is a perhaps paradoxical combination of soldier and peace loving Buddhist.


This character is an Irish actor/director with a habit of telling self-dramatizing stories.


This character functions as a catalyst for the relationship between the two main characters. His servile nature perhaps reflects back to the main character an aspect of his personality for which he...

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