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• Charles writes in his journal about the sea.

• Charles wanted to write his memoir, but needs to be calmer before he can attempt to do so again.

• Charles lives in an odd house called Shruff End.

• Charles talks about the many women with which he has had relationships.

• One day when looking out into the sea, Charles saw a large sea serpent, reminding him of a bad LSD trip.

• Charles had written to Lizzie to have her come be with him again.

• Charles finds a hidden post box and reads the accumulated mail in it.

• Lizzie tells Charles he is going to live with Gilbert.

• Charles recounts a story about a woman who hurt him - Hartley, but her real name was Mary.

History 1

• Gilbert arrives to tell Charles to leave Lizzie alone.

• Lizzie and Gilbert leave.

• Charles is confident Lizzie will make a good decision and...

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