The Sea of Monsters Short Essay - Answer Key

Rick Riordan
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1. Where is Percy's dream set in Chapter 1? What is Grover doing in the dream?

The dream is set in a place that Percy regards as Florida, although hehas never been there. Grover is evading a large monster and he runs into a bridal shop and hides himself among the wedding dresses.

2. From what narrative point of view is the novel related? How does this impact the story?

The novel is related from the first-person point of view of its protagonist, Percy Jackson. This perspective impacts the story in that the reader only knows what Percy knows--thus heightening the suspense.

3. What is a satyr? What attributes of satyrs are described in illustrating Grover?

A satyr is a half-goat half-man creature from Greek and Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, satyrs did not have hooves, but in this novel, Grover does. Grover's descriptions more closely match those of the satyrs in Roman mythology.

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