Objects & Places from The Sea of Monsters

Rick Riordan
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Camp Half-Blood

This setting is where Percy first discovers the trouble that is erupting among the magical realm. He travels here with Annabeth via the Gray Sisters Taxi.


This gift from Hermes allows the user to control the winds around him.

Monster Donut

This setting mysteriously appears in the forest. Tyson visits here to purchase treats for his friends.

CSS Birmingham

This ship is controlled by Clarisse and its captain and crew are comprised of the ghosts of Confederate soldiers.

Guinea Pig

During his encounter with CC, Percy is transformed into this creature after drinking a pink beverage.

Chewable Vitamins

This gift given by Hermes changes Percy back to his human form after his encounter with CC.

Princess Andromeda

This ship is controlled by Luke and his cronies. The remains of Kronos are also found in a sarcophagus on the ship.


This is the name of...

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