The Sea of Monsters Fun Activities

Rick Riordan
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Greek Mythology

The Sea of Monsters and the novels of the Percy Jackson series are based on Greek mythology. Create a research presentation examining one story from Greek mythology as it applies to the novel.


Create a three-dimensional miniature scene portraying one moment in The Sea of Monsters. How is this setting described? What action is taking place in the scene?

Puppet Show

Have students create puppets depicting the characters in the novel and/or figures from Greek mythology. Sketch a puppet show and have the class perform with their creations.

Costume Day

Give students the opportunity to create costumes representing the characters in the novel. How might they create the face of a Cyclops (Tyson or Polyphemus), a satyr, or centaur? Host a costume day with the class.


Take one symbol from the novel and create a model, painting, or other visual examination of this...

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